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Weird Science

2.13 Quantum Wyatt

Chett has a very small part in this very clever episode, which is a spoof on the "Quantum Leap" TV show.

Wyatt is concerned heíll never find the right job for him, so Lisa gives him chocolates to eat. Each one allows Wyatt to leap into a new profession to test it out.

At the end, Gary eats one of the chocolates and ends up as phone sex operator. He takes a call, and the guy on the phone says, "I wanna rip your clothes off. Iím such a dirty dog." Gary, startled, says, "Get lost, pervert."

Then he realizes he knows the voice. "Chett?" The show closes with a shot of Chett holding the phone, looking shocked. Hee!

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: NA
Chett Intensity: 1
Chett Humor: 3