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Weird Science

2.8 Bikini Camp Slasher

Lisa puts Gary and Wyatt inside of a horror movie. While the movie is running, Chett brings home a date and tries to seduce her by convincing her he’s shipping out the next day and might die serving his country. He tells her he’s a colonel and owns the house. He also lies to her about his name, as she calls him Billy. He also tells her he’s a virgin.

As they make out, they roll over on top of the remote, accidentally hitting the record button. The world inside the movie starts getting erased, so Gary, Wyatt and Lisa must run from that as well as the killer.

After they’ve been making out for awhile, Chett’s date pulls away. She tells him she can’t do this anymore because she cares about him too much. “You’ve made me fall in love with you,” she says. She tells him she wanted an anonymous one night stand but can’t do that anymore because she cares for him and he’s going off to die. 

“If only you’d been a slacker with no job, living with his parents, we could have had lots of sex,” she tells him. 

Chett groans at the irony.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 
8 (for lots of kissage)
Chett Intensity: 6
Chett Humor: 7