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Weird Science

2.7 Hot Wheels

Wyatt gets a date with a girl he really likes, and she asks him to pick her up that night. Wyatt panics because he has no car. Gary doesn't think it's a problem because Wyatt's dad's can buy him a car.

Well, Wyatt’s dad winds up buying him a decrepit 1977 Pinto. Mr. Donnelly says he doesn’t want to spoil Wyatt the way he spoiled Chett by buying him the Jeep. “It’s true,” Chett says, just to annoy Wyatt. “I’m a mess.” He pretends to cry on his Dad’s shoulder and then grins devilishly.

“If you don’t like this, there’s always the lawnmower,” he snarks as he walks away.

Lisa appears and turns the Pinto into a hot sports that can talk. Her name is Nadine and from the moment Wyatt sits in the driver’s seat, he’s hooked. He falls in love with the car and ditches the date. Gary and Wyatt’s date plot together to get him away from Nadine. They also start making out. Once Gary gets Wyatt out of the car and sits in the driver’s seat, he, too, falls in love. 

The next day, Chett is out jogging and notices Nadine. When he sees the car, he makes sexy groaning sounds. Nadine talks to him and he’s startled, but he sits in the car and makes more sounds of satisfaction. The car is very stimulating!

Later, the guys ask Nadine to choose between them and they discover that she loves whoever’s in the driver’s seat. “Maybe you could take turns,” Nadine purrs. “That’s sick,” Gary says, disgusted.

Just then Chett drives up in the Jeep and offers to trade it for Nadine. Wyatt agrees and Chett jumps in and starts talking seductively to the car. “It’s me, my sweet. I’m back.” He sees Gary and Wyatt watching him and barks, “What are you staring at?” Then he tells Nadine, “We can be together now. This may be a little sudden, but I’d like you to move in with me.”

Just then, the spell wears off and Chett is horrified to find himself sitting in the Pinto. He starts screaming.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 
8 (for sexy moaning sounds)
Chett Intensity: 7
Chett Humor: 8