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Weird Science

2.6 Gary Wallace: Boy Reporter

Lisa gives Gary a special pen that allows him to create news so he can impress the editor of the school paper. He decides to play around with it just as Chett gets into the shower. He writes about large octopus and Chett turns into one. He writes about a two-headed Scotsman, and voila. Finally, he writes about Bigfoot. Chett turns big and hairy and takes off.

Chett/Bigfoot is so hot, he keeps looking for places to cool down. He ends up the school, where Gary and the editor are looking for evidence of a fish stick conspiracy. Meanwhile, Wyatt is carrying out a bunch of cameras to catch the Yeti.

Chett finds his way into the freezer, which frees Gary and the editor just as they find out the fish sticks are made out of soy. Wyatt arrives to take his picture and Chett runs.

The spell wears off while he runs down the school hallway. So Bigfoot turns back into Chett. He stops, surprised, looks at himself. “Huh? Naked, dazed and I have no idea how I got here. That’s the third time this month.” A security guard flashes a light on him and he covers himself up. Great moment.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 
8 (for Chett nudity)
Chett Intensity: 4
Chett Humor: 7