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Weird Science

2.5 Lucky Suit

A school assignment forces Gary and Wyatt to work with their dads for a week and write a report.

Gary’s dad, Al, is a tow truck driver and Gary wants him to do better. Wyatt’s dad, Wayne, is an ad executive who has a lucky suit. Gary asks Lisa to create a lucky suit for his dad. Soon, Al, who tows Wayne’s boss when he gets a flat, has won over the ad execs at Wayne’s firm and landed Wayne’s promotion. Wayne loses his confidence.

Chett hooks up with a girl on the rebound. He sees her in the café and scopes her. “Sensors locked on target. There she is again. Four days in a row and no boyfriend in sight.” When he speaks to her, he says he’s a doctor and then asks her out. She says yes. So he tells her the truth and she still says yes. “What’s wrong with you?” he asks. “My boyfriend dumped me. My self-esteem is in the dumper. At this point, I’d date an area rug.” Chett smiles and winks. “I’ve got you covered.”

Later, he tells Wyatt and his Dad, "I met a girl. Her name is Angie. She looks great. She smells great. She's clinically depressed and she *wants* me." The delivery on that had me howling! He really does need to do some more comedy.

Later, they start making out and she gets bored and gets up to leave. Chett implores her to stay, noting that he has needs. She agrees to stay if she can guess what number she’s thinking of between one and 10 million. Because he's wearing Al’s lucky socks, he guesses right on the nose. She asks more questions and he answers right every time. She sighs and gives in. Cute.

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