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Weird Science

2.4 Grampira

Gary wimps out on coming with Wyatt to visit his Nana at the retirement center, so Lisa offers to go instead. Grandma is happy to see Wyatt and asks about Chett. “He’s evil, but sooo handsome,” she says. Hee!

Wyatt says he hates that Grandma has to live there and wishes she could have more pep and vigor. So Lisa fulfills the wish and suddenly Grandma is full of energy. She goes out on day trips with Wyatt and soon has him tired out. When she goes to the Donnelly house, Chett greets her warmly (awww), but then whispers, “Did she tunnel out?” When she hugs him, it sucks all the energy out of his body.

The happens with everyone she comes in contact with -- and everyone who comes in contact with people she touches. She's full of youth, and everyone else acts like little old men and little old ladies. Early bird special anyone? 

Later, Chett is playing football with his buddies. When they huddle, grandma’s old age spreads to all of them and they collapse. They all sit on a bench in the park smoking cigars like old men. Wyatt and Gary come to ask Chett's help, and he drives them off in his car. He's traded in his Jeep for a more practical model, but the license plate still says AZZ KIKR.

Gary and Wyatt have to get her back to the home so the spell can wear off. She tells them she misses being in the home and all her friends. She likes it there. Wyatt is happy to hear that. Once she's back at the home, everyone else goes back to "normal" too, including Chett.

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