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Weird Science

2.3 Horseradish

Wyatt comes home to find Chett has been playing on his computer. He gets upset. 

Chett puzzles over a file named Lisa -- says it take up too much room and should be deleted. The Wyatt and Gary ask Lisa to put protection on the computer and she arms it. The boys have to create a password, but Gary insists he gets to do it because Wyatt’s passwords are too easy to guess.

Gary promptly forgets the password and they can’t get back into the computer. Lisa is stuck on the outside with no magic. 

Chett comes in the room with his Dad, who questions who Lisa is. Wyatt creates a whole backstory and personality for Lisa, which he had ready for just such an emergency. She’s a Hungarian circus performer who’s been badly treated and has escaped. Chett doesn’t buy it. Lisa fakes an accent. Dad says she can stay 24 hours. Chett leaves, declaring, “I’m going to figure this out.”

Lisa goes on a date. Wyatt and Gary tag along, acting like protective parents, warning the guy about things he cannot do. Lisa falls in love, but the guy seems to be hung up on his old girlfriend. After an ugly scene with the guy's ex, Lisa wants to go back into her computer world. Gary finally remembers the password so that she can get back to "normal."

Chett makes one more appearance, trying to figure out what's up with Lisa. But Lisa makes a group of circus performers appear to throw him off the track.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 4
Chett Intensity: 4
Chett Humor: 7