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Weird Science

1.25 Chett Reborn

Chett puts up a wall in bathroom that replaces Wyatt’s door. Wyatt gets angry and kicks the wall in. Chett threatens to kill him and walks around and starts pounding on Wyatt’s bedroom door. Wyatt begs Lisa for Chett to go back to before he was mad. When the door falls open, Chett is a toddler.

Wyatt decides to re-raise Chett to be kinder and gentler. Wyatt will not allow him to be exposed to violence of any kind and gets very overprotective. Chett grows quickly from toddler to school-age child to full grown by next morning. He’s happy and very loving with Wyatt. Lee presents this version of Chett very playfully, like a big puppy dog. 

Chett’s buddies come over and drag him out to a bar. Lisa makes it so Gary and Wyatt look old enough to get into the bar, too, but they look like guys in ZZ Top.

Chett is telling really corny jokes to a group of bikers, who are laughing with him. When the biggest biker leaves, Chett reminds him to wear his helmet. The biker gets mad and says no one can tell him what to do. Chett says he did it cause he loves Ralph. Ralph pushes him and a fight ensues. Chett is disillusioned. Gary and Lisa determine that Chett has no survival skills.

They find him a job in a flower shop, which he loves, but when the topic of funerals come up, he’s devastated again. They decide he needs to out into the thick of it to get his survival skills back, so they bring him back to the bar and make him memorize an insulting joke to tell Ralph. Ralph hits him and Wyatt tries to intervene. When Chett sees Ralph hit his baby brother, the old Chett comes to the surface and he goes all commando on Ralph, knocking him unconscious. It’s really something to see Lee make the transition from wimp boy to protective big brother. Then he promptly announces, “Who’s a guy got to gut around her to get a beer?”

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 8
Chett Intensity: 7
Chett Humor: 9