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Weird Science

1.22 Switched at Birth

Gary and Wyatt both wish they had each other’s lives, so Lisa agrees to switch them for Christmas. Chett pops in while they’re talking and says, “You. Dead. You know why. You know how. You just don’t know when.” Pops back out.

While Gary is in Wyatt’s body, he spends a ton of money on Wyatt’s mom’s credit card. Meanwhile, Wyatt is helping Gary’s dad fix up an old car and bonding with Al. Chett tries to taunt Wyatt-Gary, but Gary doesn’t take it. He picks up a vase that their mom treasures. He threatens to break it and blame Chett. Chett walks away, embracing the vase.

When Wyatt’s mom comes back, she grounds Wyatt-Gary, who ignores her and leaves the house. When she discovers his defiance, she sells the computer and signs him up for the same military school Chett went to, Westmount Military Academy. About this time, the boys switch back into their bodies and Wyatt is horrified at what Gary’s done.

When Gary returns home, Al gives him the car. Gary feels guilty.

Chett gives Wyatt tips on how to survive the military school. Wyatt says, “You make it sound like prison.” Chett replies, “You wish! You’ll be okay. Look at me. Westmount made me the man I am today.” Not very comforting.

Chett and Mom accompany Wyatt to the bus station for his journey to school. Chett is smug and feeling very victorious. He pretends to cry, then he hugs Wyatt and whispers, “They’re going to kill you.” Gary arrives to take blame for the credit card purchases and offers his car up as payment so Wyatt can get his computer (and Lisa) back. His mother declines, noting that she can return most of the junk.

Chett gets upset that Wyatt is now *not* going to military school. “You have to make him go to military school. I barely made it out alive. I was clinically dead four times during hazing. It’s not fair. Mommy?”

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