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Weird Science

1.21 Copper Top Girl

Gary has a date the same night he and Wyatt had plans to go to a concert. Wyatt will only give up his ticket is Gary can find him the perfect date.

Gary he searches to no avail. He finally asks Lisa to help. Lisa creates a robot, Rachel, who has all of Wyatt’s interests. They instantly bond and Wyatt wants to see her again.

Trouble is Rachel’s battery runs out in six hours so Gary and Lisa have to keep a close eye on her.

The next night, Chett comes in while they’re kissing and says, “Well, if it isn’t the love runt bumping and grinding his way across the living room.” He looks at Rachel and sees how pretty she is. “Outstanding,” he says and drops his voice to a sexy purr. “What is a hot ticket like you doing with a dribble-lipped feeb like this?”

Wyatt tells him to leave. Chett says, “I’m not leaving. I’m fascinated. I’m used to Wyatt dating girls who bleat or moo.” He laughs harshly and Rachel insults by suggesting it’s been awhile since he had a date. Chett decides to hit Wyatt and Rachel grabs his hand, crushing it with her strength. He groans and falls to his knees. “You’re lucky you’re a girl or I’d….” he says and she presses harder. “Uncle!!” he cries. When she lets go, he says to Wyatt, “She’s a keeper.”

Wyatt seems a tad perplexed that she can take Chett, but he doesn’t ponder it too long. He goes off for a drink and her battery runs out. Gary comes out of invisibility mode and distracts him while Lisa recharges Rachel. 

Later, Rachel falls down the stairs and breaks apart. Wyatt is furious when he discovers she’s a robot. Still, he insists he’s in love and wants to put her together again. Back in operation, Wyatt tells her she’s a robot. She already knows. "Aren’t you?" She asks. When he says no, she’s horrified and breaks up with him.

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Chett Guh Factor: 4
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