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Weird Science

1.20 Magic for Beginners

Gary needs money so Wyatt convinces him to sign up for the talent show, which could earn them $200.

Wyatt loves to do magic, so he does his act for Lisa and Gary, who are less than impressed. Chett comes in and says, “If it isn’t the Incredible Wimp-i-ni.” He taunts Wyatt about the magic act, which he has seen before. He proceeds to perform the "vanishing allowance trick" on Wyatt.

The boys convince Lisa to use her magic to enhance their act. Their performance is so amazing, they win and Scamp invites them to perform at his dinner party. Trouble is when they made Lisa disappear, they forget how to get her back. They have to find the magic book where the magic word is. Gary accidentally sets the book on fire. They know Scampi has a copy so they go to his house to do the act and search for the book.

Chett has one other scene where he comes into Wyatt’s room to steal a VCR to sell for new tires. Wyatt is "seated" on a chair, but he has no legs because he was severed in two during the magic act. His bottom half is in the bathroom taking a whiz. When Chett hears the toilet flushing, he looks in the bathroom ...and is a little confused.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 1
Chett Intensity: 2
Chett Humor: 4