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Weird Science

1.19 Nightmare on Chett Street

Gary overhears a girl telling her friend about a dream she had where Gary started to kiss her. He’s interrupted by Wyatt so he can’t hear the rest. He desperately wants to know what happened in the dream.

Meanwhile, Chett’s father is tired of his goofing off and forces Chett to take a job at Java Man. If he doesn’t keep the job, Chett has to move out. Chett is not happy.

Lisa makes the boys a dream machine so they can enter the girl’s subconscious while she’s dreaming. In the dream, the girl finds out that Gary was cheating on her with the French teacher and they end up burning him at the stake. To say the least, that's not what Gary had in mind.

When the boys return from the girl's dream, it's late and they're hungry, so they go downstairs for a snack. They find that Chett is still awake and speculate that he must be worried about starting the new job in the morning. 

Chett greets the guys with one of his usual warm hellos: "Well if it isn't Captain Colon and his sidekick, Butt Boy. You girls run out of slumber party games?" They tease him a bit about the new job and he snarks back at them, then finally heads off to get some shut-eye.

Gary decides they should use the machine to enter Chett’s dreams. When they do, Chett is working at  Java Man, and all the customers are his Dad and none of them are happy with the service. Distressed, dream-Chett declares, "I was trained to serve my country, not cappuccino." One of the dream-Dads disagrees, and proves it by pouring cappuccino out of Chett's head.

The dream is almost over and Wyatt hurries to get out, but Gary stays behind and gets caught in Chett’s subconscious mind.

The next morning while Chett is shaving, Gary (inside Chett) manages to send a distress message to Wyatt by writing with shaving cream on the bathroom mirror. Chett goes to work and Gary starts messing with him, making his stick straws in his nose and getting payback for all the times Chett tortured Gary. The last straw, so to speak, is when Gary makes Chett squirt mustard and ketchup on the Java Man manager. 

Chett, of course, gets fired. 

He prepares to move out of the house, but Gary forces Chett to stay until he talks to his father. So Chett spells out his dream job: Join a free army in Bolivia that wants a 10-year commitment. The capper? When he gets out, there'd be a guaranteed job in the U.S. Postal Service.

Well, Dad's not so sure this is a good idea, so he tells Chett to wait. As long as Chett’s exploring his options, Dad is satisfied.

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