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Weird Science

1.18 Tale of Two Lisas

Gary wants to party for Mardi Gras and Wyatt wants to study for an exam. They argue and end up pulling Lisa apart so she becomes two different people. Party Lisa soon wears Gary out and Boring Lisa soon has Wyatt climbing the walls with her restrictions about using magic.

Party Lisa has a fight with Gary and turns him into a troll. Boring Lisa won’t use magic to fix it, so Wyatt has to put Gary in a back pack to get him over to where Party Lisa is having a party. Chett stops him on the way out the door and asks what he’s got in the backpack. Wyatt tells him it’s a science experiment. Chett picks up the backpack, holding over his head. He threatens to drop it if Wyatt doesn’t pay him $20.

Chett -- wearing a camo vest with a camo wifebeater underneath -- is visibly straining from Gary-the-troll's weight and Wyatt tells him to go ahead and drop it. He’ll just build another one. Chett finally gives in and they agree on $5.

My favorite part has Party Lisa putting a spell on Scampi to loosen him up. He turns his office into a lounge and plays the piano naked while singing over the loudspeaker. Quite a sight to see.

At the end, after the boys make up, Lisa turns Chett into a troll. As he lays on the couch watching TV, he wonders aloud, “What reeks?”

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 
4 (for the wifebeater)
Chett Intensity: 2
Chett Humor: 4