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Weird Science

1.17 Wyatt Erectus

Wyatt wants to be more aggressive about asking girls on dates, so Lisa gives him a cologne spritzer that helps him out. Unfortunately, he spritzes too much and regresses biologically, becoming a hairy Neanderthal. He eats like a pig and gets really aggressive with women. He won’t stop using it though. When he and Gary have a fight about it, it gets spilled on him and he regresses further.

Meanwhile, Chett comes home to find an audio tape from his Mom giving him a choice of chores around the house:

"Clean out the garage."
Chett: "In your dreams."
"Paint the lanai"
"Kiss my butt"
"Or keep the raccoons from digging up my rose bushes."
"Huh. Masked invaders..." Chett likes this one.
"Should you choose to get rid of the raccoons, please be humane."
Chett laughs. “Good one.”

He sets up traps in the garden and tests them by sending a remote-controlled toy car (with a raccoon cap, of course) down the garden path. The "raccoon" follows a trail Chett has made using Cheezos until it encounters the trap. Whomp! The trap clobbers the test raccoon “Another snack-related fatality,” Chett declares.

Gary and Wyatt bring their dates back to the house and Wyatt jumps all over his. His cologne rubs off on her and she regresses to a Neanderthal too. The two of them go out to the backyard, where Chett is hunting for raccoons. He hears them giggling and mistakes them for raccoons and looks for them with his night-vision goggles.

From up in the tree, the two of them grab Chett, lift and drop him. He curses them and crawls away, and winds up getting whacked by his own trap. All very funny , with shades of Bill Murray vs. the gophers in "Caddy Shack."

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 5
Chett Intensity: 3
Chett Humor: 7