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Weird Science

1.16 The Most Dangerous Wish

Lisa brings the boys a new computer game, "Deathforce," that isnít even out yet. They run to play it and go so wrapped up in it, that they ignore her for days. When they run out of levels, they ask her for more. Sick of being taken for granted, Lisa zaps the game into reality so that the monster in the computer game comes into their world and tries to kill them.

"Where are we going to find the kind of firepower to match that?" Gary asks. 

Sounds like a job for Chett. The boys find him in the kitchen, slicing fruit. They beg him: "There's a 7-foot, blood-thirsty monster trashing the house and we need you to kill it."

Chett ponders this, then asks: ďWhatís this thing packing?Ē 

"Some kind of fireball launcher," Gary says. 

"Amateur," Chett proclaims then goes to his gun and ammo stash that's buried in the patio. Wyatt is concerned about the safety of all this weaponry, prompting Chett to say, "Sure. You whine about gun control, but as soon as there's a 7-foot-tall interdimensional space monster in your bedroom, then suddenly owning a gun makes sense."

He gets all geared up in full camouflage and straps on so many weapons he can barely walk. When he confronts the monster, it just touches him on the shoulder and he falls over, squirming like a bug because he canít get up.

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