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Weird Science

1.15 Bazooka Boys

Lisa creates twins of Gary and Wyatt out of bubble gum so the twins can go to school and do the boring stuff, while the real guys have fun, but the gum boys become more popular and have more fun, then try to take over their lives. Gary and Wyatt have to get rid of them. 

There’s a funny scene, where Chett walks into Wyatt’s room to find the bubble gum versions of Wyatt and Gary completely naked and he has a moment of extreme discomfort. He backs out of the room. 

He comes back later, and tells the (real) guys he’s not uncomfortable with their nudity. If they want to walk around buck naked, I've seen my share of rump in boot camp. It's not that I have a... problem with that. I wasn't staring then and I'm not staring now. So let's put the whole ugly incident behind us." The boys readily agree, and then Chett finally notices Lisa on the bed -- or at least the head of Lisa's gum double blown up on the bed. 

In his final scene, Chett is still obsessing over the nudity thing. He mutters to himself, “Gotta confront the demons, show them my warrior face. I’m going in.” When he enters the room, he finds a double of himself completely naked. His face shows surprise, shock, horror and denial. He backs out of the room slowly.

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No problem with nudity

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 7
Chett Intensity: 5
Chett Humor: 7