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Weird Science

1.14 Lisa’s Virus

Gary puts a game disc into the computer and gives Lisa a virus. While she recuperates on the bed, watching TV, Gary searches for the guy who sold him the disc. They need the original.

Meanwhile, Lisa watches soaps and starts believing she’s a character named Brooke from "One Life to Love." When Chett comes in, she mistakes him for her lover, Michael. Chett thinks she has amnesia and goes along because he thinks she’s attractive. Lisa/Brooke tells him they have to run away to get away from the evil Damien, who’s trying to kill them.

Chett replies, “Let’s back up a click. You want me to go away with you? Gee, I’m a little torn. On the one hand, you’re a babe. On the other hand, you’re a complete psycho.” He kisses her and offers to drive.

Down at the café, Lisa starts praising all Chett/Michael's virtues and he starts believing she sees past his bravado and gets all mushy with her. It’s really quite adorable. Lisa reminds him of all the wonderful things he’s done and tells him he has amnesia. That prompts Chett to tell her: “You know what would really jog my memory? A tongue bath.” 

He goes to make a call to his brother to say he’s running away with a beautiful model. Wyatt doesn’t believe him until he hears Lisa’s voice on the phone. Lisa tells them they have to run. When she sneezes, Damien comes out of the TV. They escape through a portal in the ladies’ room and enter the world of the soap.

The boys go to the café just as Damien gets out of the TV, so they follow him through the portal. Chett and Lisa hide down by the wharf and start making lovey-dovey promises to each other. Damien arrives and Chett confronts him with a gun. Chett’s not afraid. It’s only a 9 mm. When Damien pulls out a larger semi-automatic, Chett pulls Lisa in front of him, telling Damien to take her.

Damien reveals that he wants to kill Michael because he lost the Golden Coif Award unfairly to Michael. Gary interrupts and claims to be Damien’s long-lost son and proves it by showing him their common ancestral feature – a third nipple.

Lisa gives Chett/Michael a final kiss and he passes out from the electrical shock. The boys take Lisa home to fix her and Chett ends up stuck inside "One Life to Love." 

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