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Weird Science

1.13 Sex Ed

Gary mouths off in sex ed class because it’s so out of date. When he gets home, he’s still complaining to Wyatt about wanting to know about the real thing. Chett wanders in wet from the shower, wearing only a towel, and says, “Have I? Sex? Had? Me? I’ve liberated France more times than you’ve popped a zit. I know everything.”

Wyatt insists they want to know the truth. Chett says, “You can’t handle the truth!” doing his best Jack Nicholson imitation. 

The boys ask Lisa for help and she becomes their new sex ed teacher, complete with a bed in the classroom.

Later Chett overhears Wyatt and Gary talking about it. “You puke-licks still talking about sex?” Then he admits he actually has had sex only once and it was a bad experience. “I just want someone to hold me and call me sweetpea.”

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 8
Chett Intensity: 5
Chett Humor: 9