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Weird Science

1.12 Killer Party

Wyatt's parents go away, leaving Chett in charge. But he takes off for a paintball competition. Before leaving, he offers Wyatt this helpful advice about being tempted by Dad’s liquor cabinet: “Don’t choke on your own vomit.”

Gary tells everyone there’s a party at the house. But Wyatt's parents come home early. Lisa rescues the situation by turning the parents into teenagers. Wyatt's Dad decides to hitchhike to Cabo and Wyatt's Mom pants after Gary.

Chett arrives home to all the confusion, and a partygoer mistakes him for the pizza delivery guy. Chett pulls out his paintball gun, and the partygoers think the pizza guy has gone insane.

Chett shoots at several people with his paintball gun and then says, while waving around the paintball gun: "Whoa, hold on. Dad's hitchhiking to Cabo and you're [to his Mom] dating Gary? What kind of psycho nerve gas have you been sucking back? Oh, I got it. This is one of those screwy, mid-life, hormone, chick things. Isn't it?"

Mom says, "No, it's a butt thing.'" And proceeds to squeeze Gary's tush and drags him away to find some privacy.

Chett, still waving the paint gun, says, "What the hell is happening here? My family is falling apart in front of my face. I'm so confused.'' Then the partygoers, who have been screaming every time he waves the gun, attack him and take him down. 

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 4
Chett Intensity: 6
Chett Humor: 8