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Weird Science

1.9 Keeps on Tickin’

Gary is obsessed with when he’ll lose his virginity and Wyatt is obsessed with when he’s going to die, so Lisa gives them watches that tell precisely when it will happen for each them. Gary’s watch says three days. Wyatt’s watch says 90 years.

Meanwhile, Chett is watching TV and shooting rubber suction cup arrows at it to change the channels. “Insufficient spittle on trajectory,” he says the first time he tries and fails. He sees an ad for a Monster Truck rally, which mentions using nitrous methane for power.

He gets the idea that he needs some for his jeep, so he calls a supply house for a 25 gallon tank. He needs a license to order, so he grabs a mustard bottle and reads off the UPC code.

Meanwhile, Wyatt finally loosens up when he realizes how long he has to live. Soon after, Lisa realizes the boys have each other’s watches. Turns out, Wyatt is going to die by the following day and they all freak out.

The next day, Chett plugs the nitrous methane into the tank of his jeep and then comes to get Wyatt to test it out. Wyatt realizes this is how he’s going to die and tries to refuse. Chett won’t hear about it, and drags Wyatt to the jeep. He turns the engine on and Wyatt notices the tanks are leaking. He jumps out of the jeep and runs. Chett goes to argue with him and the jeep blows up. Chett mourns his jeep, salutes it and cries.

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Chett's remote control
Chett reads "license"
Jeep's on fire

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 2
Chett Intensity: 5
Chett Humor: 8