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Weird Science

1.8 One Size Fits All

Wyatt wants to impress a girl, but hates his scrawny body, so Lisa gives him a muscle suit that molds to his body. Soon all the girls are noticing him.

The first time Chett sees him with the suit, he remarks, “Somebody discovered shoulder pads. Were you gonna get your weenie butts sacked in chess club?” He remarks that Mom wanted him to wash the car, but he doesn’t feel like it, so he wants Wyatt to do it. He blows bubbles on Wyatt.

Knowing he’s stronger now, Wyatt won’t take his guff, so he pounds his head through the wall of the bathroom while Chett is on the can. Chett is startled and angry. He comes around to Wyatt’s room, intending to kick his butt, but Wyatt crushes his hand.

“Any chance you’re in a car washing mood now?” Wyatt asks innocently. “I’ll do it this once,” Chett says, grimacing against the pain.

Gary wants to wear the suit, too, but then he washes it and it falls apart. Wyatt freaks out because he wanted to go on a hike with his new girlfriend. So, he stuffs his clothes with tissues. Chett interrupts them and whips his nunchucks around, accidentally hurting himself. Wyatt reminds Chett that he hurt him and acts tough. Chett backs away. “I’m not leaving because I’m scared of you. I’m scared of what I’ll do to you. You were born a woosy and you’ll always be a woosy. Just wait til I tell Dad you punched a hole in the bathroom wall!”

The girl wants to go skinny dipping on the hike, so Wyatt has to come clean. She’s disappointed he thought she was that shallow.

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