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Weird Science

1.7 Party High USA

Gary hates doing poorly in school and wishes the subjects were things he was an expert in, like bikinis and pop culture. So Lisa changes everything for him and still, he fails.

In his brief appearance in this episode, Chett confronts the boys and wants them to clean up the lawn before their Dad gets home. Wyatt reminds him they have to go to school. Chett says he doesn't think so. Lisa appears with a leaf blower and says she'll take care of "nature boy." Chett calls her a "wild she-gardener" and sarcastically says he's scared of her. She says, "You should be." He crosses his arms, leans back and says in a very suggestive way, "Blow me, baby." That leaf blower was very powerful.

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 5
Chett Intensity: 3
Chett Humor: 9