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Weird Science

1.5 Feminine Mistake

The boys want to understand girls. Chett gives them this advice: 

“I have found that women respond to flattery. For instance, I’m driving in my jeep, I see something I like. I roll down the window. I offer up a compliment, like 'Nice butt!' or 'I’d pay good money for a girl like you!' Makes ’em feel real sexy. Oh, they may act angry (he winks), yell back, flip you off, slap you with a restraining order preventing you from coming within 500 yards of them or their stupid CAT! But it’s all part of that little game they call romance.”

Wyatt asks, “Once you’re finished yelling at them, how do you talk to them?”

Chett scoffs in disgust. “You don’t talk to girls. You touch them. You talk to guys.”

When Gary demands Lisa teach them about women, she turns them into girls. Guys start hitting on them left and right. Gary starts to enjoy it because guys pay for food and give him gifts. Chett sees them walking down the street and makes crude comments and invites them to get in the jeep. Gary accepts when Chett offers to pay for food.

At the café, Wyatt gets upset because Chett is paying so much attention to Chett and ignoring him. A football jock comes over and hits on Wyatt. After hitting on another girl, Chett comes back and starts to fight with the jock. They end up bonding over football.

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Chett closeup
In jeep

With Gary

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 5
Chett Intensity: 7
Chett Humor: 9