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Weird Science

1.4 Magnifico Dad

Gary’s Mom wishes for a loving, caring husband, so his Dad is switched with a handsome male model. At first Gary is mad his mom has taken to Magnifico so easily, but when the guy starts giving him Jacuzzis and such, Gary is on board.

The image of Al strutting down the runway in nothing but boxers and leather straps had me howling! And I love that Chett kept coming back, rather than having one scene and disappearing like he does in too many episodes. 

In his first scene, Chett comes into Wyatt’s room carrying a fish and looking for his gutting knife. They boys haven’t seen it. Chett insults them anyway. Later, after they call Lisa, Wyatt wishes that Chett’s insults would hurt him as much as they hurt Wyatt.

Later, they run into Chett in the kitchen and he’s angry. He’s found the knife on their breakfast tray. “This is a weapon of DEATH!” he tells them. “Not a butter knife you freak show.” Immediately, his head begins to shrink. He yells that it hurts and insults Wyatt again only to shrink further. He yells more and stops the insults, returning to normal. He’s thoroughly confused about what’s happened to him.

A few more similar encounters have him wary of saying anything bad to Wyatt, so Wyatt eggs him on by insulting Chett’s jeep. He bites his lip but Wyatt pushes him too far. He lets out a flood of insults, causing his head to swell until Lisa is able to knock it off his body and it’s floating in the air.

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Fish knife
Jeep cleaning

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 2 
Chett Intensity: 7
Chett Humor: 7