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Weird Science

1.3 Cyrano de Brainiac

Gary decides he wants to date a smart girl named Amy and needs a bigger I.Q. Lisa zaps up Einstein’s brain in a glass container, with some sort of voice gizmo that allows him to speak. Thus Einstein is able to give Gary advice to help him get the girl he wants. 

In the meantime, Einstein (well, his brain) and Lisa bond. They play chess, have picnics. But he's no good at Trivial Pursuit.

Chett makes one quick appearance at the end when the spell is almost over. Einstein is saying goodbye and wishes that he could touch Lisa’s hands just once before he goes. Just then, Chett arrives home and Lisa gets an idea. 

She zaps Chett's brain into the jar and puts Einstein’s brain in Chett's body temporarily. Then Chett-as-Einstein dances with Lisa. 

Meanwhile, Chett’s tiny brain (Einstein's was huge) is squeaking out to the boys from the glass container: “Hey, whoever turned out the lights is going to pay for this. You listening, barf bucket?! I'm going to kick your gangly little butt from here to Taiwan!

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The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 3
Chett Intensity: 2
Chett Humor: 3