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Weird Science

1.2 Universal Remote

Gary and Wyatt are tired of living the boring parts of life, so Lisa gives them a special remote control so they can fast-forward through the dull parts.

The first time they try using it is when Chett comes into the room to tell one of his hunting stories. They hit the FF button and Chett is seen speedily telling his story with lots of hand gestures and a high-speed voice.

Later, after they fast-forward through their classes, they go home to relax in front of the TV. Chett walks into the living room and calls them “puke-licks.” Gary retaliates by calling Chett a “butt-cramp.” Chett charges them both and Gary hits the pause button. Chett freezes in mid-air and the guys start pouring food and sauces all over his hair and back. Then they sit down and hit play and he lands face-first in a box of kitty litter.

Chett's final torment at the hands of the boys is a quick scene before the closing credits. They've somehow zapped Chett into a tutu, complete with cigar. 

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Chett in mid-air
Chett in tutu

The Chett Quotient:

Chett Guh Factor: 2
Chett Intensity: 3
Chett Humor: 3