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HSHost says "Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight on Real Hollywood.com, my name is Allison and I will be your host this evening. Joining me here at the iXL Live studios are my producers Mike, and Krista, and our incredible typist, Robin. If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are all very excited about our special guests this evening, actor Lee Tergesen! Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight, Lee."

lost_it_in_the_backseat asks "What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on camera?"

leetergesen says "What do you mean--the most embarassing scene? Maybe the--I don't know if it was licking the boots or biting the **** off!!"

lost_it_in_the_backseat asks "If you didn't make it as an actor what do you think you'd be doing to make a buck?"

leetergesen says "Pumping Gas--laughing"

HSHost says "Noble profession."

guest13936 asks "is it hard to go out into public without getting recognized?"

leetergesen says "It's the only thing I'm suited to do. No most of the time it's really nice. A lot of time people don't--you see them recognize you and they don't say anything. Today a girl recognized me and I noticed and she said, you're my favorite one on the show. The fans love the show. It's great. I've known Tom Fontana for about ten years and there's other people on the show who are my friends. It's awesome. It's a great group of actors. I feel privileged on all levels. The writers and crew are great."

HSHost says "It's groundbreaking."

pete_the_dragon asks "What would you suggest to a person just starting in the business."

leetergesen says "When I was about 22 I had just gotten out of school and was frustrated. I went into a bit of depression. My brother is a recording engineer. He said if this is what you care about then you should not put any restraints on yourself. You could be 40 before things start happening. Stay focused on what you really want. I was doing plays and stuff like that. Stay focused."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "If you could work with anyone you wanted who would you choose?"

leetergesen says "The cast and crew of Oz. There's a lot of people. I love Jeff Bridges and Robert DeNiro. Those kind of people--Jack Nicholson."

HSHost says "The ones that are easy to get."

leetergesen says "All the people who call me every day."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "What's been your favorite project so far in your career?"

leetergesen says "I'd have to say Oz. The first Wayne's World movie was a gas and a lot of fun. This--Oz is--I've been able to do things that I've never been able to do and it's gratifying."

HSHost says "Does it carryover into off screen life?"

leetergesen says "We made two groups of eight and at end of eight you are beaten down by it. It takes a while to shake off once you're done with it. I was once staring a guy down like I would do on Oz and I had to ask myself, "What am I doing!?"

Dan_K asks "Who is your favorite Author and what is your favorite book?"

leetergesen says "I'm a big fan of Bukowski. I love "Ham on Rye". That whole sort of genre of writers."

homer_simpson asks "Have you played and practical Jokes on your castmates?"

leetergesen says "There's a lot of fooling around that goes on within scenes. I think what' interesting is that people who come on show for one episode--they think we're all hard guys. We are just like little girls giggling and playing. It's like summer camp."

homer_simpson asks "what is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on the set?"

leetergesen says "I don't know. I don't really have an answer for that."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "what is something you wish people would ask you that they never do?"

leetergesen says "Laughing)-- How about do you want to work on a movie for Martin Scorscese for a million dollars. Never"

darby_didnt_crash_he_burned asks "What's the biggest misconception people have about you?"

leetergesen says "I think a lot of people have a misconception that I am sort of embarassed or not proud of the work I do on Oz because of the places I have to go in it. There's been a lot of degredation and stuff like that. It's play and it's pretend and it feels good to go to those places sometimes. I don't know if I've answered that question but...."

johnny_the_blockhead asks "Who would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with?"

leetergesen says "My dad and my family. Maybe Pamela Anderson (laughing)"

poking_gumby asks "Have you ever really been to jail?"

leetergesen says "I've never--No!"

HSHost says "Have to think about that?"

leetergesen says "Yeah. What I've realized is that the prison system is completely ridiculous. It makes better criminals. A lot of what has happened to people is because of the environment they live in. There are a lot of things that could be done to take care of these people. If someone kills someone, they're disturbed. They're frustrated by what their opportunities are. I think they get desperate. I think there should be some work done to work with these people and try to make them better members of society. I think we throw them away."

HSHost says "Better solution?"

leetergesen says "Some sort of rigorous sports camp. I don't know. I think that first time felon movie--that sort of thing where they are given a sense of themselves. It was sort of a juvenile camp."

homer_simpson asks "who is your best friend in the cast of "OZ"?"

leetergesen says "That idea is great. Give them a sense of value. The reason people don't commit crimes is because of sense of self. Oh yeah."

HSHost says "Particulars?"

leetergesen says "Eamonn Walker. He lives in London and he's just such a great guy. He's one of those actors who really is so into the craft of acting. It's a blast to hang around with him unless you're not an actor and then it would be a drag!"

porchmonkey asks "What is the best encounter you have had with another celebrity?"

leetergesen says "Don't have one."

HSHost says "Worst?"

leetergesen says "No. I don't want to get into those. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I like to travel. I have a motorcyle. I like to take trips on that. I love to read. I love to crank Molly Hatchet. (laughing)"

HSHost says "What's Molly Hatchet"

leetergesen says "Southern Rock Band."

johnny_the_blockhead asks "Who do you go to the movies to see?"

leetergesen says "Anything Jeff Bridges is in. I've been interested in smaller films. Trying to think of something I saw recently that was really good. Opposite Effects was great. I find that bigger movies--I find myself feeling ripped off. It's the same thing over and over again. I thought Zorro was an amazing action film. All those horse tricks were incredible. I love watching stuff like that."

guest13981 asks "What type of music do you like?"

leetergesen says "A lot of different stuff. Molly Hatchet. Recently I've been getting into the Propellor Heads. I love morphine. I'm into all that old disco. I just saw Heart at the Palace of Blues. Barracuda rock!! It was a good show."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "If your life could be a song, what would it be called?"

leetergesen says "Who is that lucky MS!! Laughing. I think that was MF"

guest14260 asks "what other films have you done?"

leetergesen says "I was in Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. I was in two Wayne's World movies. I just recently did movie called Chick Flick. I was on series Weird Science. I played Chett. I've done a couple movies for HBO. I've been all over the map."

HSHost says "TV or film?"

leetergesen says "I've been doing a lot of TV recently and have been lucky enough to have a lot of freedom. Even on Weird Science. On Oz the art that I've been able to do is great. That's what I like about my career. You would never say he's that guy who does this. I have call waiting. I'm going to ignore it!! I'm always on the phone. It will only take 15 minutes--let me take it."

poking_gumby asks "how does your acting represent who you are as a person?"

leetergesen says "Something about that I see--I'm coming up with an answer here--I see the humanity everywhere even in the lowest of lows. I know--that's a tough question. I feel like I have empathy for the struggle of life. There's honor in everyone. Something like that (laughing)"

Dan_K asks "What would you like to leave as your legacy?"

leetergesen says "I don't know. I'd like to leave people feeling good about their lives. Is that a legacy? I'd love to leave behind peace on earth."

sammythemammy asks "Is it easier to portray someone similar to yourself or someone very different?"

leetergesen says "I think that everything that I do has a strand of me in it. Usually the things that I respond to are things that I can understand or relate to. Did I answer that question? I'm getting off on the tangents."

ExciteUser asks "offthwall: what was your inspiration to become who you are ?"

leetergesen says "I don't know. When I was young was the first time I thought to myself, I want to entertain. I think I was like 5 or something like that. I remember being in the middle of my living room and my parents had some friends over. I was in the middle of the room dancing and everyone was laughing their heads off."

ExciteUser asks "agentbab: does he ever reject a scene he doesnt like?"

leetergesen says "Never! I put myself in Tom Fontana's hands with this role. What would I be editing out? No--I trust that it all serves the character. I trust Tom as a writer. I go to places where the character has to go. AND let me say this too--sometimes I've been afraid of something but when I feel that fear, I know that's where I have to go. Make it possible for you to do that. Choices that are based on ego irritate me. When I started talking to Tom about this part, what we wanted to explore was a guy that had no skills. Everything he had was in outside world and what did he need to do to survive. I think we've done that."

HSHost says "How would prison change you?"

leetergesen says "I had a friend in jail for about ten years and I think changes occur to person who was not involved. I imagine the inner life of a person who goes through that--if not a hardened criminal--it's a living nightmare."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "What are the best and worst things about being famous?"

leetergesen says "Can I answer that when I'm famous (laughing) Where I am with it--I wouldn't say there's anything bad about it. I love when people approach me. I love it--I've always wanted to entertain. People really respond to my character. There are woman who are like mothering to me when they see me. It's great. I absolutely love that!"

porchmonkey asks "Has a fan ever gone to extremes to meet you/ Or have you ever been stalked?"

leetergesen says "No, nobody has the guts to stalk me."

pete_the_dragon asks "If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone you wanted to from all of history who would you invite and why? (up to 6 people)"

leetergesen says "Six--The first person I would want would be my mom who died 9 years ago. It would be great to spend another night with her. That would be it. if I could get that, that would be enough. I wouldn't need anybody else."

lost_it_in_the_backseat asks "who are some of your heroes?"

leetergesen says "I was thinking of some famous person and I was like, what would I want to say to them when I'm having dinner with mom. Superman. he's able to leap tall building in a single bound. I feel like the world is full of heroes because in life there are so few victories and things that make you say YEAH! I think anybody who wakes up every day and doesn't put a bullet in their brain is a hero. Life can be very hard and I don't even have it hard but I do know that it's tough sometimes. I think people have a lot of courage whether they know it or not."

porchmonkey asks "Who is the most interesting person you know (or have met)?"

leetergesen says "I feel family obsessed--my dad is one of the most interesting people I know. Tom Fontana is a really talented guy. I feel lucky to have him. My niece Casey is totally awesome. She's eight. All she says to me is "good". Everything I ask her is "good". She's amazing. Can you hold on a second?"

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "what would you like to do that you haven't done yet?"

leetergesen says "I'd like to have a child."

HSHost says "Don't let them watch Oz."

leetergesen says "Til they're 35?"

HSHost says "that's the age parents always threaten with."

leetergesen says "Isn't that the age where you can be president?"

HSHost says "I think 45. How old was JFK? Anybody out there have the answer--I think he was 38 or 39. Look at Bill Clinton. If it works for them, leave them alone. Nothing like a true Democrat. They seem perfectly fine so..."

HSHost says "She's the one who has to deal with waht he does."

leetergesen says "Is anybody denying Mick Jagger. He can't fool around with an intern? Give me a break."

ExciteUser asks "sweet_girl1986: how old was he when he started acting"

leetergesen says "I was about 12 or 13 when I started plays. I was 25 when I started making a living at it."

Joanee asks "When was the last time you behaved badly in public? What did you do?"

leetergesen says "Wow! I stripped naked and put salad dressing all over me. It was about 2 weeks ago. We were doing last night cabaret thing. I spoofed one of the projects happening there. That was how I spoofed one!!!!"

HSHost says "This is where we need video show."

leetergesen says "It's not that spectacular. If they've seen the show, they've seen me. Watch the show for full frontal nudity. Do yourself a favor."

HSHost says "Should have warned me before chat."

firebreathing_malomar_cookie asks "Three words : Boxers or Briefs?"

leetergesen says "Briefs--I need scrotal support (laughing)"

johnnyquest asks "What was the worst dating experience you ever had?"

leetergesen says "Wow!! I've had a lot of those. I can't answer it. There's been too many of them. This was recently. I was out to dinner with woman who would not stop talking. It was just like the kind of thing where it ceases to be conversation. I drove her so I couldn't ditch out."

HSHost says "That's when you meet somebody there."

leetergesen says "You totally bail. I think I've got food poisoning."

pete_the_dragon asks "Do you work with any charities?"

leetergesen says "Yeah actually a friend of mine is putting together a thing in Austin Texas for breast cancer. That is also what was involved with my mother's death. I'm going down in September to do a night where they're going to raise money. We are now not filming Oz. We probably won't start up again until January."

leetergesen says "Eight episodes takes four months. With Oz it's a weird situation because idea behind series is money will be made back when syndicated. Financially it's a strange thing and they've been trying to work that out. They did a poll about the show and the only negative comment was that there weren't enough episodes."

porchmonkey asks "Have you ever felt that the acting profession suffers because people become more concerned with the almighty dollar than the craft?"

leetergesen says "I don't think the craft suffers. I think individuals suffer sometimes because they get stuck in a place where they only are interested in what will make them money. It's tough. I think there's always great performances."

poking_gumby asks "what was your favorite subject in high school?"

leetergesen says "I loved Spanish and English. I loved English class, literature class."

guest14266 asks "What was the worst job you had to take to make a buck before you made it."

leetergesen says "I waited on tables a lot in New York and that is a pretty hellish job. People are horrible when they're out to eat. They either are people who have a lot of power and when they come to eat they just want to eat. There's people who don't feel like they have a lot of power and this is the one time when they're going to get everything they want! About a week before I quit waiting on tables a woman was sending back her salad for second time and I told her to shut up and sit down. I was a great waiter--don't get me wrong!! Don't cross me!"

HSHost says "I'd be afraid to."

leetergesen says "Exactly."

ExciteUser asks "Legs..: What do you do in a typical day?"

leetergesen says "When we're working it's usually a 12 or 13 hour day. We never leave the set really because exteriors are flashbacks. It's usually when you first come in. You're inside. You come out around 7 or 8 and realize you've missed an entire day. You go to eat somewhere in New York and then you go to bed and start over again. Now I'm in L.A. I wake up and go for breakfast at favorite coffee place. I go to the beach or I go to San Diego. There's a lot of great things to do. I go running. I work out. I wish I could just be frozen when I'm not working. It drives me up a wall. I love relaxing but it's tough..."

HSHost says "Workaholic?"

leetergesen says "I feel best on a set. There are a couple of things coming up. I'm going to do a play out here probably in Sept or Oct. It's a drama. Play called "Burness""

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?"

leetergesen says "Wow!! That's a tough one. When you're as near to perfection as I am.. I think I'd try to make myself a little more organized when it comes to day-to-day sort of things. Like in paying bills. It seems like an imposition."

HSHost says "That's minor."

leetergesen says "I wish I was a woman!! -- No (laughing)"

HSHost says "That's a different set of problems."

porchmonkey asks "Did you go to acting school?"

leetergesen says "I didn't mean that. I am naturally talented but I went to a Musical Theatre School called the American Theatre and Dramatic Academy. I wan't that interested in musical format anymore. I studied acting privately with kate McGregor-Stuart. I took a Meisner(?) class as well."

porchmonkey asks "Do you have much of a problem with paparazzi? How do you deal?"

leetergesen says "I have no problems with the paparazzi. The only people who take my pictures are the Department of Motor Vehicles . I didn't understand that question."

johnny_the_blockhead asks "Does being a star mean you get lots of nookie?"

leetergesen says "My nookie has always been around the same level whether I was working as an actor or not. Waiting on tables there was always a delightful babe factor. You've got a hand up on them when you're feeding them."

sammythemammy asks "Are you enjoying this chat and do you do these type of things often?"

leetergesen says "This is my first chat and I am having fun although I feel a sense of inadequacy. I feel like a dope! I hope I'm answering these questions fully enough. I live to satisfy people."

HSHost says "You're doing a great job."

leetergesen says "I'm getting the hang of it."

bilbobaggins asks "If you could have three wishes what would they be?"

leetergesen says "I would wish--it's so hard--you don't want to do the obvious. I might wish myself into Europe. I wish I could be closer to my niece who is eight... You realize that she's growing up and I'm sort of missing it. They live in Baltimore. I'd wish for world peace. Wishes are so hard."

bilbobaggins asks "any desire to write or direct?"

leetergesen says "I have been writing a little bit for myself. Not really in any sort of format. Directing is definitely something I feel like I could do. What I've always wanted to do is be an actor. Right now I'm in such a good place and I'm just enjoying having that dream being lived out. I haven't gotten to another dream yet."

HSHost says "Kennedy was born in 1917. You don't have to be 45 to run for president."

leetergesen says "I think it's 35. So there."

HSHost says "You win."

horsehead_in_the_bed asks "If you were running for president who would you pick to be your VP?"

leetergesen says "I would without a doubt, I would pick Donald Duck because he always stirs things up and you can never really understand what he's saying."

HSHost says "Thanks."

leetergesen says "It was fun."

HSHost says "Lee, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show! And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us next week when our guests will be Melora Walters, Lark Voorhies, Allison Smith, Dana Gould and Mary Lyon at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST. Goodnight, everyone!"


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