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April 2003

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Hi Lee. Now that Oz is ending, you're not thinking of leaving NYC for LA, are you???

My idea is to stay in New York as long as I can.

Do you love NY? Why or why not? Discuss.

I love it for a lot of reasons. I came here when I was eighteen, so I sort of grew up here. I have a lot of great friends here, and thereís nothing like New York. I mean, itís easy to get around, thereís the museums, the theaters... you know, itís great.

Have you been surprised by the level of fan adoration you've encountered in the last year or so?

Yeah, itís always... I donít know if 'surprised' is the right word, but itís always exciting that people care.



What is your middle name?

Oh, like Iím gonna give that out! And my social security, and my motherís maiden name! Nice try!  [laughs]  Itís Allen.



Dear Lee, I recently read online that back in 1993, you did some stage work in L.A., in a show called ďNaked Without a Coast.Ē I was wondering if you could tell us about that, and any other stage work youíve done?

That was ďNaked at the CoastĒ. Thereís a group, a theater company called ďNaked AngelsĒ who are based here in New York, and they came out [to LA], and I have some friends in it. Thereís Marisa Tomei, and Rob Morrow, quite a few people like that, but then thereís some people who Iíve known for years, who I worked in restaurants with, and they came out to LA and they were doing a night of one-acts, and I did one with them. I didnít do a lot of theater in LA because it just was a lot different out there than it is here. Here, I did The Day Jack London Got Pinched with Tom Fontana and Kirk Acevedo and Mums and Scott Winters, and I was in a play called The Exonerated which is an ongoing thing, transcripts from Death Row inmates. And right now Iím working on a reading of a friendís play.

Also, which do you prefer - live theater, television or films?

I donít know. People ask that, but I donít really have... I guess if I had to pick one Iíd pick films, but theyíre all good for different reasons, you know? Doing these plays has been great, because thereís nothing like liveSo, theyíre all good.



How do you sleep? On your back, side or stomach? Do you ever snore or talk in your sleep? Do you generally sleep soundly or are you a light sleeper? Thanks

Well... I usually start out sleeping on the right side; they say thatís the best side to sleep on. I do sleep a lot on my back, though. I snore at times. And I sleep pretty heavy.

I asked Chris over on his site to dish about you. He replied "I love him immeasurably. The limited time I have here would never give my feelings justice." Awwwwww. Isn't that sweet? Feel free to gush about him at any time. :)

You know, I admire him a lot.  I think heís got a lot of balls.  And Iíve seen Ďem!

Did you have fun when your beautiful sister-in-law Toni Lewis worked on Oz last season? She was wonderful in "Homicide: Life on the Street" by the way.

Yeah, it was a blast to have her on the show. We didnít actually get to work together, which was a drag, but sheís awesome.

Tell the truth, have you ever peed in a swimming pool?

About this, I will remain silent. Like the "p" in swimming pool.

Is there any kind of food that you absolutely refuse to eat on the grounds it will make you hurl?


Thanks for your time!



Hi Lee, I want to ask if you would play again the role of a gay, if you are asked for such a role, and if you don't, why not?

Yeah, I wasnít scared off from that subject matter by Oz. I donít really consider Beecher ďa gayĒ -- but you know, yeah, I wouldnít rule it out. It would depend on what it was. But thatís how I feel about everything. It depends what it is.

And if you would and have the chance to choose who would you choose to be your partener?

Chris Meloni. My one and only.

Thanks a lot; Andra, a great fan of you and Oz from Romania



Hello Mr. Tergesen,
On the DVD commentary you said that Adewale was all method and that he couldn't kept his hands off your dick. Um....was he really like that? Or were you just joking?

About my dick I never joke!



I want to know what do you all do when you not taping the show but you can't leave the set do you all hang out togather or do you all hate to be around each other LOL thanks

Yeah, we hang out. It was a little easier when we used to shoot it in New York on 15th and 9th, we used to have a bowling night and stuff like that. But when we moved to Bayonne, we would hang out there because there was no place to go, really. So, yeah. There was no hating of anybody or not wanting to be around them. It was a fun set to be on.



Dear Lee:
Do you and Chris carefully plan out how you will interact in your joint scenes? Or, given your limited time to read scripts in advance and rehearse (if at all), are you primarily played instinctively, without exception?

No, we donít plan them out.


 Lisa and Patty:

Hi Lee,
You are one funny guy, we're curious as to what you find humorous. If you're in the mood for a good laugh, what movie do you rent? Favorite sitcom? Comedian?

I see humor in almost everything. I think the world is funny if you look at it that way, and I think itís unbelievably serious if you look it at that way, and for me, to get through it, I try and look for the humor in everything.

I donít know if I have a sitcom that I really like to watch. Hmm. I think Seinfeld is funny, but thereís not much that I watch on a regular basis. I catch Seinfeld more now that itís in reruns than I did when it was on.

Favorite comedian... I love George Carlin. I just finished reading the autobiography of Lenny Bruce, who was a really funny guy, and twisted. Nowadays I love Janeane Garofalo, and I think Dennis Miller is really funny, and Bill Maher.

Let's say the members of the Emmy committee were to pull their heads out and give you the award you so obviously deserve, can you pick three scenes you'd want on your Emmy reel? They can be from any season.

Probably the scene where I find out my wife is dead, the section in Season 4 where I thought I was getting out but it was a dream, and maybe the last scene that I have with Chris Meloni.

(My personal favorite is Beecher talking to Sr. Pete about two men loving each other, that scene really touched me, you were wonderful. L.)

Yeah, thatís a great one too.

Thanks so much for answering our questions, it's very generous of you. Happy Anniversary to you and Leslie!

Thanks.  (Iím a little late, but...)



Hi Lee, my name is Reut and im from Israel. First of all I wanted to tell you that I think you're an amazing actor. You're great in Oz, by far my favorite oz actor and character, and you were great in Weird Science [although I remember I kinda feared you in those days :)]. I wanted to ask if your role in Oz has effected your behaviour - like if you curse more or are more violent, etc.?  Thank you.

No, it hasnít really affected me like that. If anything, Iím more understanding and tolerant.



hey, i just wanted to know a few things... can you speak Norwegian?

Not much. I just know phrases that my mother taught me. And I know the birthday song. I can ask you if you love me, and I can tell you I love you. And I can tell you not to forget your limp.

do you hang out with Chris Meloni or Dean Winters more?

Dean Winters.

did you play any sports in high school?

Not really for any teams... I ran track for a little while and I used to play basketball, but never on the school teams. Just schoolyard kind of basketball.

Ddo you prefer NYC or California?

New York.

thanks. i love all your work



Hi Lee. If you wonīt be an actor, what would you like to be?

Rock star!  Well, maybe I should have said ďmusicianĒ.



Dear Lee, Iīd like to know where I can to write to get a photo yours because I live abroad. Iīll appreciate your answer.

You can send something to the Gersh Agency.  120 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036



Lee, how did you prepare for your role as "Chris Thormann" on "Homicide: Life on the Street" after he was blinded? You did a fantastic job and I was just curious how you *got* that down so well? (Side note: You can relax, dude, you *did* nail those scenes.) Thank you for your answer.

Thank you. I donít know, I watched some blind people, and sort of thought about how so much of how we... you know, the eyes are a very active part of how we communicate and stuff like that, and what would it mean if they were unusable? And I just tried to -- whatís the opposite of accentuate? -- just, not use them, really, I guess. And kept them out of focus. And relaxed. Thatís what I did.



OK I am sitting here flabbergasted at the fact that OZ is ending next year- not because I won't have anything to watch on Sunday nights (because hopefully I won't be a loser all my life ), not because I won't see you act anymore (because I know great things will come your way), but because I have this little thing permanently tattooed to my back (the word OZ- yeah I stole Tom Fontana's tattoo)- so what am I supposed to do with it now????

Well, Tom always said if the show didnít run, he would just tell everyone it stood for ďounces.Ē Or he said he would put an ďRĒ on it, and say he used to date someone named Roz.

Seriously though, I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the show, and the fans. Take it from somebody who works in the criminal justice field- the depiction of what life is like in OZ (the conduct, the emotions, the despair) is pretty close to the real thing. Best of luck to you and your wife- can't wait to see you on the screen again soon!



Hello.. my name is Vanessa.. and I was wondering... what is your eye color? Ive looked at so many pictures of you and it seems like they are a bluish green. I still cant seem to figure it out.

It changes. Blue-green... but sometimes they skew blue, sometimes they skew green.

Also.. and I was wondering... when any of your shows or movies are on... do you watch them?

Sometimes. Usually if itís the first time itís on, Iíll watch it.

What are your other favorite movies and shows, beside the ones you've been in? Thanx!

Well, I love Old Star Trek, but nowadays I donít know... I watch Six Feet Under. Favorites? I donít know.



If I may take a few moments of your time --

Youíve mentioned several items in your answers hinting at an Eastern/Asian influence. Just how much are you into the eastern philosophies/religions?

Hmm. I wonder what it was that I said?  [laughs]  I donít know, the way I look at things is more a mix of a lot of different things. I think eastern philosophies are simpler and easier to understand than most of the western religions/philosophies, and most of what I believe in, or how I look at the world, is about being present and in the moment and living for the now.

Which sports are you into playing? Watching?

I donít really watch sports. I love to play Frisbee. And badminton.

Do you (computer) surf much? Computer literate?

I am basically computer illiterate. I mean, I have a computer and I can do some things, but not much.

Why a Honda Shadow over other cycles?

I was looking at a Harley, and the salesman just said some things that really sort of annoyed me, like: ĒIíve made a lot of friends because of my motorcycle!Ē and ďPeople become stars because of their motorcycles!Ē and I was like, what are you talking about? And then ultimately, the Shadow was the shape I was looking for, and it was like a third of the price. And Iíve always had Japanese bikes, and theyíre reliable. Not that the new Harleys arenít reliable; I just never really got caught up in that part of the fantasy about it, although I have friends that do. Iíve ridden them, and theyíre fun to ride, but... Iím more unassuming.

Collect anything?

No. My wife collects salt and pepper shakers that have faces on them, but I donít really collect anything, no. I collect dust!

Favorite food?

I donít know what it is.

You fold a mean set of clothes on Oz. Just how domesticated are you? Do you cook? Iron? Etc? I mean we all (even us girls) want a wife. Would you be a good one?

Yeah, you know, Iím all right around the house. I have trouble putting my shoes away, but I can cook... I can cook a hell of an omelet, a good stir-fry. I donít find myself ironing a whole lot, but I can do it. My mother taught me.

Serious question? where were you on 9-11-01? What was your immediate reaction? What was the first thing you did?

Oh... I was home. I didnít believe it. I turned on the television and saw the second plane crash, and got sad.

Random fact. Please. (ok I ripped this one off)

When I was in tenth grade, I did the musical ďGodspellĒ and there was a girl named Anne who I had a crush on. And we ended up dating for a while, but there was a rehearsal where I took this small American flag that I had that was a prop of mine, and I had laid it over her face and then kissed her through it. And I still have that flag. And I have no idea why. *laughs*   Sentimental reasons....


reut peíer:

Hi Lee, how are you? Just wanted to say that I just saw the Weird Science episode where you're a strip dancer...hehehe...it was a great show! I was wondering if you keep in touch with anyone on that show? Thanks :)

I keep in touch a little bit with John Asher, whoís now married to Jenny McCarthy, and Iím very close to the guy who played my brother, Michael Manasseri.



On the advice of some 'net friends, I've been keeping my eye out for "Desert Heat" and was recently able to tape it. I fast-forwarded to the recommended scene, and -- Oh My GOSH! That TONGUE!! Holy Smokes! I didn't read the credits, so I'm wondering if it got separate billing? I think it should have, sort of like: "Biker 1 played by Lee Tergesen, Tongue played by El Slip'n Slide." Or maybe "El Mucho Muscularo?" I don't know, I'll have to see if the TwistedSisterhood can come up with a good one, or maybe you have your own nickname for it? "g" Anyhow, does the Tongue have it's own separate exercise routine, or does it just lead an, uh...active lifestyle? 'Cause that baby had *presence.* LOL

[laughs]   Well, thank you.  No, thereís no name for it.  I mean, sure, it has an exercise plan... but you know, if you got a nice car, you donít leave it in the garage....

Btw, we've just got the first reports back from the Jim Cox' gallery showing -- the Twisted Sibs are all in a flutter about how gracious and approachable you were. You charming devil, you! "g" And everyone has also been very impressed with Mr. Cox' work, including what we've seen on his site.
Have a great one, and I'm looking forward to seeing you on ER this week!



Hi Lee, my names Ian I'm an actor. Which do you prefer new G'N'R or old G'N'R?

I didnít know there was ďnewĒ GíníR. But, every once in a while I break out Appetite for Destruction, you know?



Dear Lee; I'm Kadri and I'm from Turkey. I'm adoring you! Would you like visit Turkey?? I'll waiting your answer Greetings from Turkey...Kadri

Oh, I adore *you*. I donít have any plans to visit Turkey, but I hear itís beautiful.



Thanks for your charming company at Kanvas. It meant a lot to each of us. More than youíll ever know. Now to my questions --

We (your fans) have been discussing whether or not you read the posts on the LT.net forum? Could you clear up this mystery for us? Do you read the posts?

Every once in a while I go in there and read around a little bit...

If yes, do you read random posts in all threads (i.e. categories) or do you mainly stick with the ones where weíre talking about how wonderful you are?

Yeah, I basically stick with the ones where you talk about how wonderful I am. There are others? Anne, shame on you!

You did an amazing job on "E.R."  You were riveting to watch. Please keep Dori informed about upcoming guest appearances. We don't want to miss any.  Are there any other current t.v. shows you'd like to guest star on? What ones? What attracts you to audition for a role?

With TV nowadays, itís usually what they offer me.

Do you like to be constantly working or do you like down time in between jobs?

Well, itís funny. I prefer to be constantly working, but on the other hand I like a certain amount of down time. But not too much.

Thanks! Youíre a doll!



I have it from numerous and reliable sources (the Kanvas Crowd) that you "smelled very, VERY good." So, I'm wondering, what were you wearing that night, and is it your usual?

I donít really wear anything. I wear, like, some Speed Stick.



Lee--First of all, I was so excited to read that you are Norwegian (I kinda guessed that being that your last name ended in SEN). I am Norse myself. I would be happy to make you some of my famous krumkaka if you desire, let me know. My question is rather shallow (*shallow alert*) but I was wondering if some of you boys from OZ might find yourselves on the new Tom Fontana series "Baseball Wives"? Seeing you, Dean Winters and Christopher Meloni in baseball pants would help heal the "I miss OZ" wound...what do you think? Mange Tusen Takk for your response :)

Donít know. You never know. ďBaseball WivesĒ obviously isnít happening, but you know, heís always working on something.


dave-fan from England:

hi lee! you must get so much praise and stuff,but i am sure you like hearing it so well done for playing beecher so well! not seen you in any other project i.e weird science,but will try to look out for them. on with the questions,they are quite random!

have you ever been to England? (if not,come to Manchester and not London.it's a much better place!)

Yes. I love London, never been to Manchester.

who do you rate as actors/actresses?(i am sure there are some you really don't rate!!!)

I love Jeff Bridges, Daniel Day Lewis, Philip Seymour Hoffman. My favorite movie is ďSaturday Night FeverĒ so I always put John Travolta in there... I just saw ďPhenomenonĒ the other day, he was good in that. And Bill Murray.

are you surprised at how the keller and beecher fascination in oz has been so popular?(me being a fan!i mean if you check out the search engine on 'keller and beecher' there are thousands of web sites!a lot of yahoo groups have formed just on beecher and keller!)

Surprised?  No.  I think weíre fucking hot!  Come on!

how long is a typical filming of oz?

It took about four months.

any pet peeves? (i really can't stand big egos!)

I try to steer clear of that kind of stuff, because...well, narrow-mindedness, I hate narrow-mindedness, but I donít like to point fingers because I know that then thereís three other fingers pointing back at me! If you spot it, you got it.

i heard you were a special guest on ER, how was that?

It was great.

I went on chris meloni's site,where a fan asked about you and him starting a spin off on oz! do you think there will be one? what will it be about?

No, I donít think there will ever be a spin-off. Normally I would joke about something like this, but... but itís too hard now! Itís over!

i think you should be in svu and replace ice t! you could be the nasty bastard with attitude cop! it would be interesting! any views? have you been offered a role in svu since we last heard?

No, I think theyíre afraid to give me a part on SVU. But I did Criminal Intent, and Iíve been asked to do a couple of Law & Orderís, but it hasnít worked out yet, timing wise.

any wisdom advice on life?

Hang on. Itís gonna be a bumpy ride.

any regrets?


well i leave it as that! thanks for taking time to attend your fans,you and chris are great.good luck with future projects and i will keep an eye out for them.



Hi Lee. My name is Jamie. I met you at Antone's in Austin. We had a long conversation about everything under the sun. I told you that I was writing a screenplay about my brother who is an artist and that I would love for you to play him. He was a Baptist preacher until he fell on his head and woke up as Van Gogh. I don't know if you remember the story or not, but I remember you laughed a lot and seemed to think it was a good story at the time. I was wondering if you accept unsolicited scripts and who I would send it to if you do. I would love for you to read it. You'd be perfect. I also wanted to thank you for being so nice that night. You gave me a lot to think about. You were such a good conversationalist and you have a wonderful sense of humor.

Thanks. And of course I remember you, Jamie!  Yeah, send it to my agent at Gersh.


Sara B:

I hope this doesn't end up like a 20 questions-type thing, but I do have a lot of questions to ask. Thank you, though, for taking the time to answer questions.

Do you watch any reality shows? Like Amazing Race? Do you think if you and Chris did that show, you would do well or would you be eliminated the first week?

Every once in a while Iíll watch an episode of a reality show. I like watching Fear Factor -- I guess thatís reality, right? And The Real World... but those arenít elimination-type things. Iíve only seen a couple Survivorís. But if it was ďThe BachelorĒ or ďMister Personality,Ē of course I would win!

I loved you on Homicide. I thought that was a great role. Did you read the book or meet the character you were based on? I thought it was one of the best books I read, so if you read it, did you like it?

Yes, to both. I read the book and I met the character it was based on. Itís a great book.

How did you like working with Edie Falco on both Homicide and Oz?

Ahh, sheís awesome. I wish I could work with her again.

Do you agree with the following statement: Wayne's World is one of the funniest movies EVER.

Wow. Itís pretty funny, but you know, itís hard for me to judge. I think the funniest movie ever is probably ďGroundhog DayĒ. But you know, ďWayneís WorldĒ is up there... itís pretty funny, pretty silly.

How was filming the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne's World? It looked like a lot of fun and is one of the funniest scenes in that movie.

Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I originally wasnít in it, it was just the four guys, and we had a reading of it and I asked Mike Myers if I could be in it and he put me in it. It was tiring; we shot all night, we shot until like seven in the morning or something like that, so it was a little exhausting. And if you notice, I am the only true head-banger in the car. I really worked that fucking neck. But no good head-banger stretches!

Thanks again for (hopefully) answering my questions. Maybe if I think harder I'll come up with questions about Oz. Thank you.



I am a big fan of you and i think you are a great actor. I really enjoyed the musical episode of OZ i didn't realise you were such a good singer. did you find it fun or embarassing to do because i think your part was brilliant.

Oh, it was a blast, especially because my brother was the music supervisor, so it was fun to work with him on it.



Lee, I read in one of your answers that your first DVD was The Wall by Roger Waters. Are you a Pink Floyd fan? I have all their CD's. I'd love to have you and the wife over to listen to some. Maybe for Mardi Gras. Thanks for the great scenes in OZ.

Yeah, I love the Floyd. Oddly enough, I think it was also the first thing I listened to when I got my first Walkman, back in like 1981 or something like that. And ďWish You Were HereĒ is one of the few songs I can play on guitar.



hi, i am writing to ask a question i already asked Chris just to get the other side of the story. how can i be the middle of a keller/beecher oreo? inquiring minds need to know! Peace

It would cost a LOT of money. Well over one hundred dollars.



I seriously doubt that this will ever be answered but I'll try anyway. First of all, I think you are one of the most spectacular, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary, phenomenal actors on the planet.... When you and the other Oz guys were doing the latest DVD signing I was there, and when I handed you my DVD to sign I tried to say something but was so utterly terrified, starstruck and overwhelmed that I couldn't speak. *blush* Do you find it strange that there are people out there who admire you so much that they freak out at the thought of talking to you, or are you used to it by now?

Well first of all, you underestimate my talent.  [laughs]  Second of all -- yeah, I do find that a little surprising, because I like to think of myself as approachable. But I understand, you know, itís not always easy.



Hi Lee, Did you enjoy hooking up with your old Oz buddy Kathryn Erbe on L&O:CI? It was good to see you guys together again.

Yeah, it was awesome. Sheís great. And I actually had done a movie with Vincent DíOnofrio, ďBark,Ē so it was a re-meeting with both of them.


Darrin L:

Lee, I never write to fan sites haha but what the hell. I gotta say thanks for the inspiration and courage you show in your work and your attitude. Itís great to watch and inspires me in acting and in areas of life. In a society where the whole ďgayĒ thing, the stereotyping, taboo, etcetera is something so many recoil from, itís great to see someone have the balls to mount it and make it all work. Your ability to play the roles you play and cross over into different characters and facets of life without the predictability that is so often the case is nothing short of admirable. Itís great to see a person use a gift and craft to break down barriers and send a message just by the courage to do so. Whether intended or not, your willingness to accept these roles and your attitude towards your work, and towards others speaks much positive where often that message just isnít the norm. You ability to truly care about others and value whatís inside, to be moved by them is awesome. I believe to be as accomplished as you are in the craft of acting, requires the ability to go inside and not be afraid to look around, to stand sometimes and just observe without movement or action. Thanks again for the hard work and dedication and hell, if youíre ever in San Diego, letís hang. Haha Peace man.

Thanks, Darrin.



Hi, Lee... First, thanks for the years of hard work on Oz... I am new to this great site, and read a LOT of the back questions to you and they seemed to be focused on your relationship with another actor...which I don't see why one answer once or twice wouldn't suffice, but.... Anyway, what prompted this question (I'm a long-winded questioner...love the long-winded answers!)... So many people seem to want to ask you what Beecher FEELS, or his fate, etc. Now, they know you are not the writer, but on some level, to most fans, you ARE Beecher. How do you feel about this? Do you see it as being 'typecast,' possibly wonder if these people understand acting (Not meant in a mean way.)...

No, there are no stupid questions. Lay off the people.  [laughs]  People are interested, and they have questions, just like you. I donít think about it too much, I just try and answer the question.

Or are you proud that through Tom's writing and your ACTING abilities, you made a 2 dimensional written character become as real to people as a neighbor or friend?

Yeah. Thatís what I love to do.

If nothing happened for you after Oz, could you accept being known as 'Beecher' even MORE as DVD sets are released and the show gets wider exposure?

Yeah, I donít have any problem being known for that character. Iím sure itís something thatís always... itís been one of the great jobs of mine. Yeah.

If nothing else, you CREATED this character through your talent...if people believe you ARE Beecher, would a Post-Oz existence satisfy you with the knowledge that your acting MADE an unlikeable character into a dead real 'person' and furthermore, made the audience not only like him but worry about his fate? That is a tough thing to do.

Yeah, that would be enough.

On a lighter note, what would you say are the top three KISS albums, other than ďAlive!Ē, and do you have an order of ranking for personalities in the band?

Well, if weíre talking about *original* KISS, which is really all there is for me...and if you include all that I know about them... well, when I was a kid, I would say it was Gene, Paul, Peter, and then Ace. But I know Peter Criss now, and heís a great guy, he worked on the show. Far as the albums go... well, of course ďDestroyer,Ē ďHotter than Hell,Ē and, hmm... well, you ruled out ďKiss AliveĒ, so... ďKiss Alive 2Ē!

Ah...and what about Nirvana?

What about Nirvana?


Jennifer in Jersey:

don't really have any questions to ask - but I just want to thank you for your brilliant and spectacular performance over the years on Oz. I've been watching the tapes of Seasons 1-4 (so far) and I never get tired of it. Beecher has always been my favorite inmate on the program and I couldn't imagine anyone else in the role. There are many faces of Tobias Beecher, but I really never lost sight of the fact that basically he has a good heart and is a good person who just happened to be in a very bad place. (My compliments also to Christopher Meloni, who I believe as Keller, sort of kept Beecher going in a way - aside from the end of season 2).
Once again, thank you for your talents that you've shared with us and good luck with everything that you do in the future. God bless!

Thank you, J in NJ.



Thoroughly enjoying the metamorphosis your character has gone through in Season one of Oz. I am in Canada, and only started to watch the series through DVD rentals. I have to say 8 episodes seems a little weak per season. I guess my frustration is a sign of a good show. Do you know of any plans to release the other seasons sooner, rather than later?

Yeah. I think theyíre gonna start releasing them every six months.


Im a french fan of "weird science" and "oz" ! Therefor of course very fan of the great lee ! In france, the broadcast of oz had stopped for the moment in the end of the season 2, and very im angry and disappointed by the fact what beecher became gay ! why not alvarey or even reabadow ! why beecher?! im very unhappy ! THAT Almost THE MYTH WHO's collapsed ! I've got it bad , and that ain't good ! But Without this , beecher is for me the best character of all show tv of the story of television ! ( chett donnelly too is cool )! But now lee ! THE CINEMA IS TO YOU !!! SO GO GO GO !! IM WITH YOU ! YOUR GREAT !!!! and also , lee , to do again your beard of crazy ! your cool with !!!! ASTALAVISTA BYE BYE ! Ciao ! que dieu benisse cette putain d'amerique VIVA AMERICA !!!!

Well, thank you for the acknowledgement of my Beard of Crazy.  [laughs]  And yeah, it was rough on old Beecher, but donít be down on him because he fell in love with a man! Jesus Christ, he was lucky to find love at all!  And itís gonna be an uphill battle!



Dear Lee, do you prefer plays "a bad guy", "a good guy" ,a "funny guy" or a "psycho guy". 




hey there. just wanted to say that i am like a huge fan of your work, and that you really are a very talented man. but i will just get to my fan thing and ask the round of questions. i recently sent some questions to Chris Meloni's site cuz i am also his biggest fan, so i will ask ya some of them too.

1. Would u ever consider goin some place to meet a fan? if so, how far would u go? or would u just ever hang out with a fan for a day? cuz i really just wanna shake your hand and say congrats on all of your accomplishments.

Well, that wouldnít take a whole day.  [laughs]  I do hang out with the fans!  I donít know if I would ever travel specifically to do it... but I guess, for the right amount of money Iíd do probably anything!  *howls*  Woo-hoo, motherfucker!

I am like the biggest fan of Oz. i watch it every sunday, and have all the dvds available. i am so sad it is ending for good! =( but anyway, i am the biggest beecher/keller fan possible, and i know u and chris get sick of these questions, so i will make them short. how often do u guys ever hang out? talk?

A few times a month. Heís very busy right now, working on SVU, so itís catch-as-catch-can.

has anyone ever confronted you guys in public and maybe asked u wierd questions about your relationship with each other on the show? if so, what would they be?

No, nobodyís ever done that, really.

Would u and chris ever take out a fan someday and just hang out with them for the day? let them in on all the "real" stuff that goes on in Oz? if so, i am here man, and i would be the happoest person alive if i could hang out with ya guys someday.

Probably not gonna do it.

Would u ever take a fan, and let them show u a special talent of theirs, dancing, acting, singing, etc., and maybe help them get a little farther in making their dream come true to become professional? if so, again, i am here. i am a dancer, and really need all the help i can get to getr closer to becoming a professional back up. plz help if ya can. =) just to say u helped someone else succeed in life.

Well, unless your dancing involves a pole and platform shoes, I donít think so.  But, good luck!

well lee, thanks a lot for answering all of these questions. i have a lot more, but i will send them another time. keep up the good work, and say hey to chris for me sometime, and tell him who i am, and that he needs to answer my questions. thanks again. and ttyl peace



Hello Lee, how do you feel after the director called cut on your last Toby scene?

I felt... I was happy, because I knew the show was complete for me, and safe.



Between Weird Science and Oz:

1) How long do you think Chet would have lasted in Oz?

Weaponless? An hour.

2) If MTV ever resurrected Celebrity Deathmatch, who do you think would win a tag-team between Weird Science, the movie, and Weird Science, the series? (personally, after seeing what you did to Schillinger in Oz: season one, Paxton wouldn't stand a chance.)

Oh, please. Weird Science The Series would take a huge dump on the movie!

3) Speaking of: When you crapped on Schillinger, if that wasn't Sh**!, what was it?

It was a mixture of liverwurst, peanut butter and chocolate syrup.



In Oz, it seems like bad things always happen to everyone, not just the bad people. If you could have one bad thing happen to one bad (and by bad I mean evil, like Devlin) character, who would it be and what? Me, I'd have Devlin fed ground glass like Schibetta. P.S: Do you like Metallica? I know you like metal

Every year, I wanted to kill Schillinger. And P.S.: Yes.



Hi Lee, my name is Megan. First and foremost I want you to know that you are an incredible actor, and have served for many of the most entertaining moments on TV in past years, whether it be a starring role or guest appearance. Now for the questions:

In Seasons 1 and 3 expecially, Toby and Ryan O'Reily seemed to be pretty good friends, if that's what you would call them, being Oz and all... in the past two seasons, what happened to them? I'm not sure they even spoke two words to one another.

Yeah, I think Dean said he didnít want to work with me anymore.

Now that Oz is over, are you going to continue persuing roles in movies, like Bark and Mergers and Aquisitions, or are you going to look into more TV roles?

Iíve got my eyes open for everything.

Speaking of TV roles, what was your favorite guest role on tv? I really liked your appearance on ER, your character was chilling, but you played him great. Also, the character you played on JAG, I found him oddly ammusing.

Yeah. I hated Jag.   [laughs]  But, I donít know... I did this thing on a show called ďQueens SupremeĒ, but they only aired like three episodes of that. Luckily, mine was one of them.

Were you happy with the way the Beecher/Keller relationship ended? As a big fan of B/K, I know lots of people were dissapointed they didnt have a "happier" ending...but I personally thought it was a logical ending for them.

Yeah, I was happy with the way it ended, because Beecher was finally standing on his own two feet.  I think he came a long way to get to that point. And now heís free to date!  [laughs evilly]

Would you mind greatly if I asked you to send me an autograph? I just got chris's (meloni) a week ago in the mail, and I'd love to place yours right next to it on my wall.

Yeah, write to Gersh.

Anyway, thanks for the great acting, and for being such a joy to look at! :) love ya, peace.



Lee, you once did a Gilliganís Islandís spoof for us with Oz characters. I was wondering if youíd do one for West Side Story, just to amuse me. :)

Hmmm. Well, of course Rita Moreno would still be Anita. Iíd be Maria, so I get to do a lot of scenes with her. Kelleríd be Bernardo. OíReily would be Tony. Cyril would be Riff. McManus would be Officer Krupke. Thatís all I can think of... Oh, wait. Warden Glynn would be the guy who runs the soda shop. And Kirk Acevedo would be Chino.



Did you see the B/K relationship playing out differently than it did?


What did Meloni write on the shirt you were wearing on 'Breaking the Law'?

Oh, wow, I donít know...  [laughs]  It was a lot of gay stuff, like ďIíll always be there for you,Ē and ďWear this shirt with pride.Ē Thatís all I can really remember.

What's your favorite Beecher quote?

A lot of people loved the ďSame old story, I got fucked in the ass!Ē line. My favorite.... well, the thing I say from the show a lot -- which wasnít actually my line, it was Saidís -- is: ďBrick by hypocritical brick!Ē

Where did the idea for the crazyBeecher nursery rhymes come from?

Tom. It was his idea, and he got all these obscure rhymes, because I guess there were copyright problems with any of the ones you would actually know, so he found all these old, obscure nursery rhymes. But it was funny -- I just read this biography about Charles Manson called ďTaming the BeastĒ, and the Crazy Beecher years are a lot like Charles Manson!

Why no B/K love (and by 'love' I mean 'sex') scenes?

Oh, will you stop...

I'd love to hear anything you have to say about the making of the 'Junkyard Dawgs' chair scene.

I hated it. I didnít have any fuckiní lines!  Although I really did -- I had one line.  It was ďFuck you."  And I think I got that out pretty well.

How has 'Oz' changed your perspective?

I think Iíve sort of answered that already, earlier.

What have you learned from Tobias Beecher?

Watch your ass!


Sandy S. :

Hi Lee-

First of all I want to say that I am a big fan of your work, especially on Oz. I wanted to ask you a few questions about your most recent project The Exonerated. Before I get to the questions I want to tell you that I thought you were amazing in the part and the play really made me rethink my stance on the death penalty. I also wanted to say that I saw you outside the theatre and you seemed like a really nice and wonderful person. It was amazing that you took the time to greet your fans. Ok so the questions..

What made you decide to do this play? Do you believe in the death penalty (or did your outlook change throughout the play)?

Bob Balaban directed an episode of Oz and asked me to do it, and when I read it I thought it was really moving. And I donít know that it changed how I felt about the death penalty, but it definitely made me think more about it. Iíd have to say in most cases Iím against it, though I know there are some people who WANT to be put to death.

Did you feel that after playing Beecher on Oz you had a better grasp on what Kerry Cook was going through?


What was it like meeting Kerry Cook, since you were playing him on stage?

It was good... although we didnít really talk until I did it again, until after the second time I did it. And you know, it was interesting to talk to him, heís an interesting guy. Heís got a lot of knowledge.

What was your favorite thing/memory about doing the play?

Working with Amelia Campbell, she was the woman who played my wife. Oh, and another thing -- there was another theater downstairs, the entrance to their stage was right near our dressing rooms, and on the second-to-last -- their *last* night, a bunch of them were about ready to go on stage and we were just about to go to places. And I walked up to them and go, Iím gonna go on stage with you guys! You know, as a joke. And they were like, you totally should do it! It's the perfect scene to do it! And so thirty seconds later it was time for them to go in, and I held the hand of one of the actresses and sat down next to her, and it was unbelievably exciting. I mean my heart was just pounding. Because it was like the actor's nightmare -- I'm doing a play and I didnít rehearse.  [laughs]  But it was a blast.

Did you meet any new interesting people while working on it? Did you get along with the other actors?

Judy Collins, Jill Clayburgh, Jeff Goldblum... all the other actors that are in it all the time. Joe Morton. Yeah, I got along with everybody. I get along with people, basically. Thatís what I do.

Do you think that you will reprise your role?

Yeah. Iíve done it twice, and if I was available when they asked me, Iíd do it, yeah.

Are you going to do more theatre like that, if so what is your next project?

I probably will, I donít know what right now.

Thank you for answering these questions, I think that it is wonderful for you to have a forum for your fans.


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