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Wild Palms

May 1993

Wild Palms is a six-hour sci-fi drama about the dangers of brainwashing through technology and drugs. It's set in the year 2065, and explores the advances and dangers of virtual reality.

Lee Tergesen played a waiter and had one line, asking a pair of diners: "Do we need a little more time?"

The two men at the table are the show's star, Jim Belushi, and Ernie Hudson. At at the time, Hudson was famous for "Ghostbusters," but would later co-star with Lee in "Oz" as Warden Leo Glynn.

"Wild Palms" was based on a comic strip first published in 1990. The series aired in 1993 and was produced by Oliver Stone and seemed created to capitalize on the tone and success of "Twin Peaks." 

Originally intended to air over several weeks, the six episodes were ultimately shown in only two installments. It's available on VHS and DVD.


Lee's scene

Lee's scene

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