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The Closer

Episode 5.1 - Products of Discovery
June 8, 2009

Lee Tergesen plays Detective Nick Carey in the Season 5 premiere of "The Closer," the hit show on TNT starring Kyra Sedgwick.

Lee's guest appearance reunites him with series regular J.K. Simmons, the man who played Lee's "Oz" nemesis, Vern.

Lee has two scenes in the hour-long drama. His character is an FBI agent whose mistake impacts a quadruple homicide being investigated by the LAPD team, led by Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson(Kyra Sedgwick).

J.K. Simmons plays Assistant Police Chief Will Pope, and his part in this episode is to play peacemaker between Carey and Johnson. Irony abounds!

Video clip
Lee's 2 scenes

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