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The Big C

April 2012 - Season 3

Lee Tergesen plays Kirby, a bartender in a British-themed pub, in five episodes of the acclaimed Showtime series "The Big C."

The series stars Laura Linney in an award-winning performance as Cathy Jamison, a woman battling Stage 4 melanoma. During this season, Cathy has created an alter ego named Alexis Bertrand, and it is as Alexis that Cathy interacts with Kirby. The alter ego enables Cathy to relax, let loose, laugh and not be afraid.  (Laura Linney and Lee previously appeared together in "Wild Iris.") 

The season premiered April 8 and will have 10 episodes. Season three will explore "bargaining" and what it means for a woman battling cancer who may get the gift of more time.

The action picks up three weeks after the events of the cliffhanger finale of Season 2, in which Cathy's husband, Paul (Oliver Platt) suffers a heart attack.

3.1 Thin Ice - April 8, 2012

Video of Lee's two scenes: Click here

The first episode of the series' third season opens with Cathy at a British-themed bar tended by Kirby. It's a laid-back place, and Cathy is delighted by the fact that the clock is set to "bar time," which gives the illusion of "more time." In the second scene, we see more of Kirby's charm and tattoos, and he talks Cathy into joining the bar's broom ball team. She signs up as Alexis Bertrand.

IMDb has the episode online: Click here
Zap2it.com has a synopsis and pic of Lee: Click here

3.2 What's Your Story - April 15, 2012

Video of Lee's scene: Click here

Lee-as-Kirby is one scene in this episode, wherein Cathy (aka Alexis) admires his tattoos. Kirby, shows one that is supposed to be the grim reaper, but he says it was done by his cellmate in prison and they didn't have the right supplies so it looks more like a clown with a droopy penis.

Cathy/Alexis is intrigued, but Kirby said he only robbed a liquor store. He describe his tattoos as his "memoirs" -- telling the story of his life.

3.4 Family Matters - April 29, 2012
Video of Lee's scene: Click here
3.7 How Bazaar - May 19, 2012
Cathy/Alexis is full of rage when she visits Kirby's bar in this episode. Kirby advises her that gin and vermouth can't help her -- only one thing can. So he takes her shooting. The next scene shows Cathy/Alexis trying to gun down some beer bottles with a revolver. She keeps missing, making herself even angrier. Kirby urges patience. Finally, her aim is true, and the two share a joyful moment.
3.4 Killjoy - June 3, 2012
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