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Rescue Me

Season 2 Previews

Tommy starts pressing for a return to the old firehouse ... and solicits help from his old buddy Kenny (John Scurti). It so happens that Kenny distrusts Tommy's "goddamn great" replacement, Sully (Lee Tergeson). Though he's something of a chef (he makes haricot verte) and "terrific" on the shift, there's something about Sully that bothers Kenny. It might be that he's a great masseuse, or maybe it's that "he's like a chick, he can talk to anybody about anything." Insert a shot of Sully reassuring firefighter Laura (Diane Farr) that a new haircut with bangs won't be too much of a "Dorothy Hamill thing." Chief (Jack McGee) likes him, Sean (Steven Pasquale) digs the massages ("I feel like one of those deer in the meadow with the flowers and the birds and shit"). Tommy's looking awfully stuck.

Hartford Courant:
The new guy replacing Tommy in the house - Lee Tergesen's Sully - seems too perfect, like Tommy "without the angst," one puts it. With Sully's cooking and massages, the wonderfully dim firefighter played by Steven Pasquale blankly declares he'd marry him (naturally spending the rest of his time living this statement down)."

Sean Garrity (Steven Pasquale) gets friendly with new firefighter Sully (guest star Lee Tergesen) but gets a rude surprise.

Village Voice:
Sully (Lee Tergesen), is an incongruously metrosexual character whose ... cooking and fabulous back massages are initially welcomed by his new colleagues (once they get past the squeamishness of having another guy touch their bodies). Gradually, suspicions are aroused and in a truly corny twist (one of the series' few false notes), Sully is exposed as not a real man at all.

Salt Lake City Weekly:
“New guy” replacement Sully (Lee Tergesen) is seemingly too good to be true (he is, as will be hysterically revealed in the season’s third episode).

Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Sully (Lee Tergesen), Gavin's replacement who seems so perfect, shows a different side by episode three.

Boston Herald:
Tommy is just about losing his mind and wants to return to his old firehouse. Unfortunately, his replacement, Sully (Lee Tergesen), is just like him - "without the angst.'' Sully even likes listening to women - how weird is that? 

Tommy's replacement, Sully (Lee Tergesen), is an early hit - a great cook, masseur and listener. "Denis comes around wondering if we're missing him, but we love the new guy," says Steven Pasquale, who plays firefighter Sean Garrity. (In Episode 3, they abruptly change their minds, for reasons too juicy to reveal.) 

Orlando Sentinel:
Sully (Lee Tergesen), can whip up gourmet meals, deliver powerful massages and talk to anyone about anything. The show deftly establishes an air of mystery about this too-good-to-be-true fellow.

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