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Red Widow Live Tweeting

Lee has been "live Tweeting" on Twitter during the U.S. Eastern Time broadcasts of "Red Widow." Here are highlights of his Tweets:

March 3, 2013
1.1 Pilot & 1.2 The Contact

In reference to Tweeting in general:

  • I hope I don't hurt myself tonight live tweeting (whatever that means) I will surely make a fool of myself.

  • tweet tweet is it so obvious i do not know what i am doing here at twitter....oh well i guess it is now

Lee's Tweets in regard to "Red Widow" and cast:

  • Anson Mount and Radha make a cute couple ... i hope nothing happens to either one of them

  • there i am there i am!!! [upon his first appearance]

  • shot in vancouver last march ...second hour was shot five months later

  • @WilTraval can you believe this night is finally here bro!! a year later...congratulations

  • Jakob Salvati is Boris is so real ....Love that kid....he has this amazing one inch punch! knocked me across the room

  • i think this guy was my emergency room doctor once....no it can't be [When Goran Visnjic, formerly of "ER" appeared onscreen

  • @Radha_Mitchell you are so good! you are Lily's favorite!! [Lily is Lee's 3-month-old daughter]

  • Response from Radha_Mitchell: @leelo65 Loving lily feeling very connected as I guessed her name

In reference to actress Suleka Mathew, who plays his wife, Dina, in "Red Widow":

  • suleeeeeeeka my wife better kisser than meloni [Christopher Meloni played his cellmate in "Oz"]

  • most beautiful Suleka she saved my life in vancouver....i am glad when Dina is happy

  • Suleka Mathew and her daughter Maddy took very good care of me and taught me the language

And in closing:

  • just spoke to Tom Fontana #oz he liked it that makes me so happy!


Lee on Twitter:


ABC's Red Widow
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March 10, 2013
1.3 The Consignment

  • @JaimeRayNewman @SpoilerTV tonights episode of #redwidow The Consignment is not about a used clothing store!!

  • when we last left marta...what could go wrong

  • the girl playing bliss played my daughter in masters of horror ...we all scream for ice cream

  • alright that is that and lily loved it !!

  • thanks gotta pack to go work on copper in toronto tomorrow [to be in "Copper"]

  • 2 [episodes] crazy part going to be fun.