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6.7 Junkyard Dawgs
February 16, 2003

Work in progress

Beecher confronts Keller and Schillinger in the library and taunts them about their newfound friendship. Beecher tells Vern that Chris killed Winthrop. Vern asks why Keller would do that. Beecher says, "For me, out of love," then weeps a little and leaves. Vern says Beecher knows too much about both of us and needs to die. Keller agrees and says he will do it after he fucks Beecher in the ass one more time.

Later, Beecher goes to play rehearsal to find only Keller there. He sits and waits for Suzanne but Keller begins taunting him with a weapon that turns out to be a prop. Beecher relaxes until Keller shows him the real weapon. They struggle and Chris knocks Beecher out. Chris tapes Beecher's mouth and handcuffs him to the chair then slaps him awake. He taunts him some more with the two weapons. He tells Beecher of Vern's plan and that he agreed to kill Beecher because he really wants Beecher to live and love him again. He uncuffs Beecher and then kisses him roughly just before Suzanne interrupts. Beecher flees. 

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