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6.5 4Giveness
February 2, 2003

Work in progress

Beecher brings Keller socks in the visitors room. They talk and Keller asks Beecher about the teacher. Beecher is surprised, but Keller asks him to be honest. He admits they are sleeping together. Keller is jealous. He tells Toby that he killed Winthrop. Beecher is stunned. He then asks Beecher to buy some black market drugs for Bonnie, who is dying of cancer. Beecher points out that it will violate his parole and he can't do it. Keller says he loves Beecher and he's begging him. Beecher is upset but agrees and hurries out. Keller shouts out, "It's all for the best, Toby." Keller goes to the phone banks and calls a detective to tell him about an illegal drug buy. Beecher is brought back to Oz, and Sister Pete and McManus are there to greet him. They are incredulous. He says, "Same old story. I got fucked in the ass."

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