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6.3 Sonata Da Oz
January 19, 2003

Work in progress

Beecher says good-bye to Keller before being paroled. They kiss but Lopresti interrupts them. Keller asks Beecher not to forget him. Beecher says, "Never." Then tells Keller he'll see him more often because he'll be working on overturning his death sentence. They kiss again, but Lopresti whacks Keller on the back. Keller gets angry and attacks Lopresti and has to be subdued. Beecher is escorted away. Beecher says good-bye to cellblock mate Yood, and Yood tells him that Winthrop killed his dad on orders from Schillinger. Sister Pete and Kareem Said are there to say good-bye to Beecher. He signs for his things and the guard says he's free to go. Beecher walks out with a stunned look on his face. 

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