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6.2 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil
January 12, 2003

Work in progress

Beecher learns of his father's death but is not allowed to go to the funeral. He is convinced Vern had something to do with it.

A racist mayor is sent to Oz for killing two black girls in the 1960s and put in Unit J for protection. The governor was going to pardon him, but can't because riots broke out. Vern is worried Beecher will take revenge on the mayor, who is Vern's hero. He sends Winthrop to warn Beecher, but Winthrop witnesses Beecher saving the mayor when he chokes on some food. Vern is stunned and promises not to interfere with Beecher's parole. The parole is approved, but he has to wait a few days for paperwork. Beecher dances with Sr. Pete to celebrate. Keller learns from Lopresti that Harrison is dead and Beecher is leaving without saying goodbye. He is stunned.

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