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6.1 Dead Man Talking
January 5, 2003

Work in progress

Beecher is moved to Unit J because of threats from the Aryans. He and Yood are the only two prisoners on the block. He tells Yood that he's going to see his son, Harry, for the first time since he's been in prison. Harrison arrives and tells Beecher that Harry is adjusting to being back home as he has lived with Gen's parents for the past six years. Jarry won't get out of the car to come into the prison. Toby says not to force it; that he'll see Harry next week when he's out on parole. Harrison leaves to visit Keller about his appeal. Beecher tells Harrison to give Keller his love. Harrison doesn't respond.

In Keller's cell, Papa Beecher is all business. When Keller gets up to get some gum, Harrison flinches as if he's going to be attacked. Keller teases him and then asks, "You don't like me, do you?" Harrison says, "I think you're despicable" and leaves.

Winthrop tells Vern he doesn't want to be a prag anymore. He wants to be an Aryan. He offers to kill Harrison Beecher to win a place in the Aryans. Vern shakes hands with him and calls it a deal. When Harrison leaves Death Row, there are no guards around because Winthrop paid them off. Winthrop attacks and kills him.

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