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5.8 Impotence
February 24, 2002

Work in progress

In an interaction with Beecher, Schillinger and Said, Beecher decides to confess to his role in Adam Gunzel's rape and death. Schillinger gives him a warning before leaving the session. Vern is later sentenced to solitary confinement.

Keller is convicted of killing Bryce Tibbets. Sister Pete comes to see him and offers solace. Keller is depressed and undresses in front of her. He laments that all his life he allowed his penis to lead him where it wanted to go and now that he wants to share his love with someone, he can't. Keller is moved to Death Row.

Beecher tells Said he is going to see Keller. Said tells Beecher he can't break the promise he made to himself. Beecher says love is never wrong and he just wants Keller to know he's not alone. Beecher brings mail to death row. He calls out to Chris, who has his back turned. When Chris hears Beecher's voice, he turns but looks doubtful, as if he is hallucinating. Beecher chuckles softly and puts his hand on the bars. Keller grasps his hand and reaches through the bars to cradle Beecher's head. They kiss with longing.


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