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5.6 Variety
February 10, 2002

Work in progress

Beecher and Schillinger peform "The Last Duet."

McClain finds out Keller was lying about the murders and confronts Toby and asks if he lied to her. He admits he did and she says, "You two deserve each other." Then she leaves and refuses to represent Keller anymore. Keller is upset. Howell puts the moves on Keller, but he's depressed and not in the mood. She tells him that's too bad and makes a move on him. He pushes her off and she beats him unconscious. He has to be transferred to Benchley Memorial. Beecher, mail cart in hand, arrives on death row to find Keller absent. Howell informs he's in the hospital. Beecher is worried and disappointed.

Beecher sings "Days Like These" as he finds the beaten and raped Adam in the gym after Beecher agrees to take away his protection.


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