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5.5 Wheel of Fortune
February 2, 2002

Work in progress

Beecher and Adam discuss family visits while jogging in the gym. Franklin approaches them and Adam expresses his disgust at Franklin's "bitch" status. Franklin points out the only reason Adam is not a bitch is because of Beecher's protection. Adam hits his old friend. Adam is called into McManus' office and lies, saying Franklin made a pass at him. McManus is lenient. On the way out, Adam snarks at Beecher, who tries to be a buddy.

In the next interaction, Schillinger apologizes to Beecher, who thinks about whether or not to accept it.

Katherine sees Keller again and they talk about the witness. Keller is charming and flippant. Keller tells her about a dream he had about Beecher and asks her to pass it on. She says she will. After she leaves, Claire comes in the cell and they start at each other. Katherine sees Toby, who is visiting with Holly again. Holly and her son went to adventure world together and had a great time. Toby is pleased. Toby asked if Keller sent a message for him. Katherine says no.

In the library, Schillinger apologizes to Beecher for Robson's threats against Adam and says he really is trying to change. He offers to take a letter to Keller from Beecher. Beecher is suspicious but Schillinger claims his intentions are honorable. Beecher writes the letter and Schillinger delivers it to a skeptical but greedy Keller, who rips open the letter.

Later that night, Adam asks Beecher if he was a fag with Schillinger and Keller. Beecher hems and haws, but Adam keeps interrupting to express his disgust. The men fight briefly and the guards break it up. Adam asks McManus to move him, which he does. Later, Adam calls Beecher a faggot and tries to shove Beecher into his crotch. Beecher breaks away, while others laugh.

Schillinger tells Beecher he's found a way for Beecher to see Keller. He can deliver the mail. What's the catch, asks Beecher? "Deliver the Guenzel boy to me." Beecher declines.


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