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5.4 Next Stop Valhalla
January 27, 2002

Work in progress.

Beecher and Busmalis discuss the latter's letter-writing campaign to save Miss Sally's show. Busmalis learns Sally will have a new exercise show and wonders if Norma will be on it.

Said, Beecher and Schillinger meet while Said discusses the sins of homosexuality. Schillinger claims to have never engaged in such activity. Beecher cries rape in a rage. Beecher is escorted out. Pete visits Keller, who is a bit glum about not seeing Beecher and about the straits he's in. Leo won't even let the men exchange letters.

Katherine arrives to talk to her new client, Keller. Beecher is surprised and a little alarmed. He admits that he fears Katherine will fall for Keller's charms, leaving Beecher in the dust. Back in his cell, Keller flirts with Claire and they start pawing each other. Katherine arrives and breaks up the hanky panky. The two discuss Beecher and his case. He denies killing the men.

Old Beecher family friend Adam Guenzel arrives at Oz on a rape charge with his friend Franklin Winthrop. Beecher is Guenzel's sponsor and roommate. He shows Adam the ropes. Beecher advises Adam to join Sister Pete's addicts group. as they enter the cafeteria, Adam freaks when he sees Winthrop dressed as one of the Aryan's bitches. Robson promises Adam is next. Beecher asks Said for help in protecting Adam. Said says no because Adam is a rapist. Beecher gets McManus to put Adam into protective custody.

Hill is still depressed about his mother's death, so Beecher offers some advice about picturing his mother dead and rotting in the ground. Hill tells him to fuck off.

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