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5.3 Dream a Little Dream of Me
January 20, 2002

Work in progress.

Beecher, et al., talk about playing the lottery. On the day Keller is due to arrive at Oz, Beecher tells Rebadow and Busmalis he hopes he looks "fuckable.'' Leo greets Keller at receiving, who promises to be good, but Leo tells him he's going into isolation.

Next, Keller meets with FBI Agent Pierce, who grills him about his confession to Hank's murder. Then tells Keller there's a witness against him in the three homosexual murders. Keller remains cool.

Beecher visits with Holly, who came to see him with Katherine. She nuzzles up to him.

Claire Howell is assigned to guard Keller. They flirt. Keller tells Sister Pete he wants to spend time with Beecher. Sister Pete promises to talk to Leo. Sister Pete goes to see Beecher, who makes the same request. She also asks Katherine if there's a lawyer in her office who can take Keller's case. Leo refuses Beecher and Keller's request.

Beecher, Said and Schillinger start interaction with Sister Pete. They talk about drug abuse. Said and Schillinger get in a few digs at each other.

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