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4.16 Famous Last Words
February 25, 2001

Work in progress.

Robson tells Schillinger about Beecher's parole hearing, reminding him that Beecher fucked up Schillinger's parole. Schillinger gets angry and confronts Beecher in their intervention session. When he won't calm down, Siser Pete has him escorted out. Beecher is afraid Schillinger will now pay him back. At lunch, Schillinger tells Beecher he will never get out of Oz alive. McManus agrees to let him stay in his pod and have an armed guard outside. Said comes to see him and wishes him luck. Beecher says Said is not peaceful and is still haunted by Adebisi's death. Beecher suggests Said embrace the Adebisi in himself.

Catherine escorts Beecher to the parole board, gives him a gift then kisses him hungrily just before he goes in.  Later in Sr. Pete's office, McClain tells him he got paroled. Beecher is stunned and then jumps up in joy! He returns to the quad quietly and whispers the outcome to Said, who is pleased. The prisoners react, some are happy and others are angry. Schillinger finds out and tells Robson to kill Beecher. Robson, on the pretext of delivering a letter, attacks Beecher's guard and gets into his cell. Beecher uses a chair to ward him off until other guards arrive. Beecher leaves Oz, stepping out into the bright sunshine and goes with Katherine and Holly to a picnic. Then he wakes up back in Oz. Just a dream. Katherine comes to Sr. Pete's office to tell Beecher the parole board rejected him. He goes back to his cell and rips up his date book.

Beecher's in the library when Robson and Schillinger surround him. Schillinger asks him for a kiss while Robson holds him. Then Vern gets shanked by Said, who declares, "Adebisi lives!" A guard inadvertently sets of an explosion in the cafeteria.


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