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4.12 Cuts Like a Knife
January 28, 2001

Work in progress.

The aging drug affects Cyril, so Ryan tries to get out of the drug trial. Gloria refuses him, so Ryan goes to Beecher who wants to stick with it. Then a prisoner dies and the drugs are stopped.

Supreme Allah figures out Keller and O'Reily pinned the murders of Shemin and Brown on him so he stares down Keller in the library. Keller goes to O'Reily and tells him. O'Reily pretends to be friendly with Supreme in the computer room but Supreme gives him an glare.

Schillinger and Beecher sit down with Sister Pete. Beecher talks about his own responsibility for the man he's become but says Schillinger has to take some of the blame. They are interrupted by a guard. Schillinger is brought to Glynn's office and is told Hank is dead. Robson eggs him on saying Beecher did it. Schillinger orders the death of Beecher's family. Keller is agitated cause he can't find Beecher. Beecher is visiting Holly in the play room, so Keller can't get to him. Robson walks up to Angus in the visitors room and stabs him. Beecher tells his father to hide Holly.

Keller finally finds Beecher and they talk about killing Vern but Beecher says no, he's going to offer himself as a sacrifice to Vern. Keller is distraught and says they have to find another way, but Beecher's mind is made up. Keller hugs him tight and then head-butts him and knocks him out. He goes to Cloutier and says the reverend needs to tell Vern that Keller ordered the hit, not Beecher. Cloutier tells Vern, and Vern meets with Beecher and Sister Pete. Vern says he wants to believe in Beecher's innocence because of the grandchild that's coming. He promises not hurt Beecher's family and shakes his hand.

In the processing bay, Keller is waiting in handcuffs as Sister Pete comes to talk to him. She knows he lied but says he did it for a greater good. Then she tells him God finally chose him and Keller is misty-eyed. Toby arrives and they hug. Toby tells Keller that Schillinger believed Cloutier. They share a bittersweet kiss and say goodbye.


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