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4.11 Revenge is Sweet
January 21, 2001

Work in progress

Beecher and the O'Reilys sign up for a drug experiment meant to age prisoners rapidly so they can get released early. Keller watches as Beecher and Barlog emerge from their pod looking chummy. In the shower room, Keller warns Barlog not to fuck Beecher cause he's a slut. Ronnie tells him it's too late cause last night, he got a blow job deluxe. Keller is not pleased. Keller confronts Beecher in the lunch line and accuses him of fucking Barlog to make Keller jealous. Beecher taunts him about killing his other lovers and asks if he's going to kill his friend Ronnie too. Keller knocks the tray out of his hand and walks away.

In the gym, Ronnie and Keller chat about their running days, then Keller traps Ronnie against the weight machine and kisses him hard. Ronnie protests once then gives in. After lights out, Beecher makes a move on Barlog, but he rejects Beecher, telling him that Barlog and Keller fucked that day and that Keller says he loves Ronnie. He made Ronnie promise not to fuck Beecher. Beecher chuckles and says Keller is lying. Ronnie points out that they're in Oz so what's the difference. Beecher looks up at Keller who moons him.

Next day, Barlog sees Pierce, who offers him reduced prison time if he knows anything about Keller and the gay murders. Barlog goes to Beecher for some lawyerly advice. Beecher says he doesn't work pro-bono, so Ronnie rubs his crotch and offers his services. Beecher snorts and says maybe they can work something out. Later, Beecher finds Keller in the library and tells him Ronnie is planning to sell him out. Keller calls Beecher a jealous liar. Beecher tells to believe what he wants and leaves saying, "Write me from death row."

Later, in the copy room, Keller asks Barlog who he spoke with. Barlog hems and haws and finally admits the FBI offered him a deal but he didn't take it. Keller says he believes him then asks for a blow job. Ronnie bends down and Keller snaps his neck.


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