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4.10 Conversions
January 14, 2001

Work in progress

Ryan tells Keller he's fucking Howell. Keller is impressed. Tidd tries to join the Muslims, but Said refuses him. Beecher steps in and tries to intercede by telling Said that Tidd is in rehab group. Said rejects Beecher's advice. Beecher talks to Said about killing Adebisi and Said claims he has no guilt and tells Beecher to piss off. Beecher visits Holly then chats with his brother, Angus, about how all the responsibility to be "perfect" has now fallen onto Angus' shoulders. Keller visits his ex, Kitty, flaunting affection for her in front of Beecher. Later, watching TV, Keller comes up behind Beecher and remarks that his brother is cute. "Does he fool around?" Beecher gets up and pushes Keller away. Sister Pete asks Beecher to participate in reconciliation sessions with Vern, who asked for them. Keller's old friend, Ronnie Barlog, arrives and Beecher turns the tables on Keller, muttering, "Ronnie's cute; does he fool around?" Barlog is assigned to Beecher's pod.


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