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4.9 Medium Rare
January 7, 2001

Work in progress.

A film crew comes to Oz and interviews Beecher, asking him about Schillinger and Keller. Then they interview Keller, who is vague and unresponsive. Keller goes to Beecher's pod and rubs his arm lovingly then warns him not to tell the interviewer anything. Beecher flies off his bunk and gets in Keller's face. They are interrupted by a shakedown. In rehab group, Keller tells a sad tale about addiction for the cameras, and Beecher ridicules him. O'Reily tells Beecher to shut up. Beecher makes a snide remark about O'Reily and Keller getting close after a certain person died. Later, O'Reily asks Keller what they're going to do about Beecher almost spilling the beans about Shemin and Brown. Keller tells O'Reily not to worry - it's just his way of saying that he still loves me. Then he warns O'Reily not to hurt Beecher.


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