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4.8 You Bet Your Life
August 30, 2000

Work in progress.

Keller tries to join rehab, but Sr. Pete refuses him. Later, she confronts Keller in the computer room and tells him she is leaving the convent mainly because of him. They talk about God choosing people; Keller wants to be chosen.

Shemin's body is discovered in the laundry room. Querns is pissed at Adebisi, who is supposed to be keeping the violence down. Adebisi confronts Beecher and beat him to get information. Beecher searches Keller's pod for the murder weapon and Keller catches him. they talk about Keller's tattoo and Beecher's penchant for fucking too many men. Beecher threatens to go to Adebisi with what he knows, but Keller pulls out the Hank hit card and tells Beecher he knows the blond loves Keller too much to want him dead. O'Reily and Keller frame Supreme Allah with Shemin's murder. Keller kills Mondo in the cafeteria. Supreme is accused of both the murders. Said kills Adebisi.


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