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4.7 A Town Without Pity
August 23, 2000

Work in progress.

Keller confronts Zabitz in the library and threatens to kill him. Zabitz goes to Schillinger and asks for protection. After he leaves, Schillinger orders Robson to kill him. Robson and Keller both corner Zabitz in the copy room. They fight over him, and he drops dead of a heart attack. Toby is making out with Shemin the laundry room when Said interrupts. He Beecher a slut. Beecher laughs and tells Said he fucks these other men cause he hates himself and because Keller doesn't love him.

In the gym, Mukada talks to Keller about helping Beecher out of self-destruct mode. Keller refuses and uses graphic language to make Mukada uncomfortable. later, Father Mukada and Sister Pete tell Beecher that Hank got off on a technicality. After being pushed, Beecher lays into Sister Pete for not being there for him during the kidnapping. Sister Pete says that Beecher's parents are going to bring Holly to visit him regularly. Schillinger taunts Beecher about Hank getting off and Beecher attacks him. Beecher goes to Pancamo and orders a hit on Hank. Said watches him and confronts Beecher. After a visit with Holly, Beecher feels guilty and asks Pancamo to stop the hit. Too late, Pancamo says. 


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